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Five Things I Learned from Helping Four Women Heal around their Love Lives in 8 Hours

As it is Valentine’s weekend I was thinking a lot about romance, relationships, love, dating, sex … you know, the usual in my world. Bob and I had a sweet weekend in San Diego – his friend had a birthday party but before that he coordinated the coolest couple’s dinner ever – four couples, super […]

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The first point of this PSA is to ‘hang in there’. Feeling so unbelievably blessed these days. Like I want to pinch myself and do happy dances all the time. I’m that person that is so on cloud 9 right now that you don’t know whether to vomit, tell me to shut up or sit […]

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We NEVER Fall for our Types

When I was 20 years old, I had gone to dinner with some friends and the topic of love, dating and relationships came up as it is want to do. Not really a surprise when that is what we think about all the time, whether we want to admit it or not. We think about love […]

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I am going to cut right to the chase … My mission is to open you up to possibilities so that you can have amazing love in an unconventional way, YOUR way. While most people open conversations with surface type dialogue, that is definitely not my bag. I go real deep and real honest, real […]

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