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In this video, we talk about this concept of self love and how that can show up in various ways. Loving yourself can feel ambiguous and confusing, however if you have tangible steps or things you can do to care for yourself, it becomes somewhat easier. My mission is to try to break down the […]

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The flavor of my life as of late has been annoyed or frustrated. With everything. Even after talking to a dear friend of mine and knowing she was trying to help, I was for some reason even more agitated. I know she meant well. She reminded me of how it takes 1-2 years to acclimate […]

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Question: As a relationship-focused coach myself, I have my own opinions on what I’m dealing with, but I’d like to get your opinion. My girlfriend and I get along fantastically. We rarely fight, and when we do we look at it as a chance to figure out how to be better partners. However, sometimes she’ll […]

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