My style of Tarot encompasses a major personal development/guidance/growth slant AND focuses on how to use Tarot to hone your intuition and make it super sharp (my favorite thing about using the cards)!

I have gotten so many inquiries over the years to teach tarot, that I have created a course just for you! I am excited to share the love and mystical wisdom with my community and followers.


  • Six (6) 60 minute classes – one on one attention
  • Weeknight options available
  • Teaching AND Q&A during each class
    • We will cover how tarot can be applied to love, biz and life throughout the course.
  • Virtual style of teaching via video format (Skype or Google Hangout)
  • Course structure is as follows:
    • Tarot for Personal Development Overview
    • Breakdown of Cups and Pentacles
    • Breakdown of Swords and Wands
    • Breakdown of Major Arcana
    • Readings and layouts
    • More readings and layouts!
  • Tarot Decks are not required but recommended to study the cards and practice doing readings (on self and friends)

We can also record the classes if you want to go back to them for later study. 

Price is $90 per class.

But if you pay in full, price drops to $75 per class.

Total due would be $450 (save $90)!

Or you could pay in two payments of $250 (save $40)!


If you have any questions at all, fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you ASAP.

To using tarot as a powerful tool for growth and success!

If you are interested in learning Tarot in more of a group setting, you can hop on the wait list for future group courses (need 5 people minimum to do a class)!

Send me a message and let me know … Let’s create magic together shall we?