Episode 1 – Choosing the Sexploration with Emily Perkins

Emily Perkins is a passionate holistic lifestyle practitioner specializing in life coaching, beauty and reiki energy healing. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies from Wheaton College, after which she obtained her esthetics license in both Florida and Rhode Island. She is an Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master and a graduate of Accomplishment […]

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Episode 0 – Getting Real Intimate Real Quick

Welcome to Taboo & Turn On! This is the podcast where we have real talk about real things, where we shed light on taboo topics, and explore what it truly means to lived a turned on life In this intro episode, I share with you my why around doing something crazy like starting a podcast […]

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The Struggle of Wanting to Share my Sex Stories

The following is a piece I free wrote as I was working through a profound writer’s block I was experiencing in the creation of my forthcoming book about Sex. Also, to get on the list and be the first to know when it releases, click HERE. ~~~~~ I’ll be honest. A part of me was, […]

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Video: Whose Voice is that Anyway?

This week I am coming to you from Nicaragua and we are tackling the concept of those pesky voices that tell you that you can’t or won’t or shouldn’t XYZ! A lot of times these are beliefs that we have inherited from society, religion, our parents, or our culture. It’s really powerful to be able […]

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Video: The Power of Visioning

Something powerful happens when we give ourselves permission to dream and allowing ourselves to see and feel the thing we want deep down. Our brains can’t tell the difference between what is “real” and what is “imagined” so it’s great to practice visioning to expand our belief of what is possible. We end up showing […]

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Video: Navigating Expectations and Assumptions

CHECK YO SELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YO SELF! New Video on the silent killers: Expectations and Assumptions. I share why they are dangerous, what you can do to mitigate them and my personal stories around it as I foray into the wild world of dating. My invitation this week is to notice the places you […]

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Video: Doing Radically Different in Love and Life

I’m baaaccckkkk. Have not done videos a while, so here we go again 😉 This time I talk about doing things differently in your life so that you have a different result. Whether that is around work, our love, our life, our friendships… Think about what you usually do, your usual patterns, and ask yourself […]

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The Wound and Shame around Body Image

*This is an excerpt from one of the books that I am currently working on writing. Enjoy … About a year ago, one of my closest friends said to me “I never hear you talking about body stuff.” This may not be a revelation for some, however we are talking about me. I talk about a lot […]

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