Manifesting Magic

I have become a magician. Literally.

I make things appear in my life seemingly out of nowhere. Things that may seem impossible or completely out of left field. Amazing things. Things I have wanted for a long time.They are showing up now.

Why now? What is so special about this time in my life? What am I doing differently?

All questions I have asked myself over the past year and I think I have narrowed it down and I wanted to share my findings with you all.

I find myself wanting to not only continue making magic but train other magicians …

1. Get clear on what you want

All of these steps are important but you gotta know where you want to go before you start heading in that direction. Plus if you don’t know what it is you want to pull out of the hat, the rabbit is not going to pop out. Spend time envisioning and putting down on paper the “want”. Paint the picture in your mind and with your pen.

2. Deal with the beliefs getting in the way of you having it

If the magician was not confident the woman would survive being sawn in half, he would not put her in a box and lower the blade. When you were visualizing your vision (see Step 1), did voices pop up to the contrary? What did they say? Write these down and underneath each one write a response about what is NOT true about them. Untangling the limiting belief is necessary to free up your energy to create instead of sabotaging.

3. Ask and you shall receive

What an awesome piece of advice. This could actually be two different steps – the asking and the receiving. This is the casting the spell part of creating magic. Say it out loud to as many people as possible. Let them know what you want. Go even further and let them know how they can help you. The more people know, the more opportunities for connections to be made or resources to show up. I don’t know how many times I have posted something on FB letting my friend group know what I need and POOF, the same day I get a comment answering my request. When you do get the opportunity arising, TAKE IT! This is the receiving part … do not second guess or act modest. That is sabotage. Stop it! If someone is offering to help you or give, say YES!

4. Work your tushie off

Magic doesn’t happen magically. Contradiction I know but it’s true. The spell needs to be cast, the trick needs to be performed. Be in action. This ties in to the asking from the previous Step (#3) but it has to do more with your level of effort. Get yourself out there. Strategize. Plan. Research. Talk to people. Move (A LOT) and create momentum. Approach it with the confidence that you WILL have it and create it. Don’t just sit on your couch with your intention and wish for it, DO something about it.

5. Be gracious and generous

This last piece is the heart piece. When you receive, be gracious about it. What does that mean? It is about being humble and appreciative. The universe is providing whether it is through your friend group or a complete stranger … acknowledge that and be grateful. Which leads to the generosity piece. Magic is created either to entertain others or to enhance life. Be sure to pay it forward. Give back whenever you can. Create magic for others. When someone in your life is asking, figure out ways to ensure they receive. It is true what they say about the more you give, the more comes back.

Would love to hear about the magic you have created for yourself or if you need some support in co-creating it in your life. Leave a comment below!! xoxo

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