Know Your Worth!

Ladies, this one is for you! Gonna try to keep this short and sweet.

Stop undervaluing yourself! Know your Worth! Especially when it comes to love and dating.

Time and time again I see amazing, beautiful, smart powerful women reduced to insecure, hopeless, desperate heaps because a certain guy did not want to be with them. It not only frustrates me immensely but breaks my heart deeply.

These women act as if he was the only guy that would ever love them. The ONLY guy that is incredible, understanding, hot, interesting, etc. I am here to break the news to you. HE IS NOT THE ONLY ONE!

Besides, it is not about him being amazing or not. It is about him being able to give you what you need. Him choosing not to commit to you or be with you makes that loud and clear. Nothing personal. On either side: yours or his.

There is a perspective shift that has got to happen on your end … and FAST!

You have got to get to a place of being the chooser instead of being chosen. When you are the chooser you believe that there are a bunch of great guys out there and that you are amazing.

Most importantly, not just anyone gets to fill the coveted position of ‘being your man’.

For this to happen, you have got to know your worth!!! This is KEY right here ladies! I cannot emphasize the following enough: “A confident woman who knows what she wants and deserves is like catnip for men.” Trust me!

If you BELIEVE you are worth it, you will act like you are hot stuff and start attracting beaucoup beaus who want what you want since you are clear on your VISION!

If on the other hand you act like no one wants you or you are just like anyone else, you are going to attract mediocre guys or guys that do not really care for you and see you as the firecracker you are!

Do you really want to have the position of your boyfriend/husband/man be filled by just anyone? Do you want a guy or relationship that is ‘good enough’? Or one that is everything you have always envisioned and hoped for??

Your time is valuable. YOU are valuable. Act like it. Stop giving yourself, your time, your energy away to people that have not earned it and/or will not appreciate it. In addition, do not waste your time with people who won’t in turn reciprocate your generosity, kindness and affection. People only treat you as you allow them to ‐ good or bad!

When you are your number one fan, others will be more likely to get on board. That energy is infectious and enrolling. Knowing your worth helps you become your biggest fan!!

Think about Cleopatra … That sexy seductress knew EXACTLY what her worth was. She walked around with her head held high and knew she was the gods’ gift to men! The results show for it, they always do; they definitely did in her case!

Awesome Pic

Time to get you clear on how freaking awesome and amazing you are! So bust out a pen and some paper and get cracking:

1. Awesomeness Exercise

Time to toot your horn. BIG TIME. Write out a list of ALL of the things that make you awesome. It can be big or small. Whether it is your ability to make a mean egg scramble, give amazing hugs or shake your booty like crazy, jot it all down.

Bonus points! Ask your five closest friends for their top three reasons of why they think you are awesome. Nothing like some verbal loving to make a girl feel oh so special!

2. Ideal SELF Statement

Just as you usually create statements for your ideal partner and/or your ideal romantic relationship, it is time to create a statement for the most important relationship in your life … The one with yourself! Think about how you want to show up in not only your next relationship, but with everyone? Example “I show up as my big, bright, beautiful, weird, silly, fun self. Passionate, courageous, loving, powerful, fun, magical, confident, creative, playful, compassionate and carefree! I feel like the sexiest woman alive.”

I wrote a post in August of 2012 outlining my Love Wish List (Uncensored). Check it out for ideas on how to structure your own statement. Side Note: That stuff works. I am now in an awesome relationship and everything I wrote out back then has materialized!
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