Connecting (or reconnecting) to Intuition


The thing I get asked most often is about this elusive or ambiguous thing called Intuition. It’s either a question about how to tap into it or whether we all have it. So I figure I will share with you all my thoughts on both!

I really do believe that each of us has intuition. Some people’s intuition may be stronger right off the bat. Or they are more gifted with it. But you can learn to connect (or reconnect) with your intuition at any time!

Take art for example. Everyone can learn to paint but for some it just comes way more easily and naturally. And we call them gifted artists or say they have a natural talent.

I really do believe that it’s no different with your intuition. It’s a sense, a skill, an ability. We use our rational minds, our emotions, or use our sense of smell, touch, taste, etc. Intuition is another one of those senses. Hence the sixth sense references.

If we want to strengthen our intuition, we have to foster it; because it’s a relationship after all that we have with it. We want a better relationship, in this case with our intuition, then we have to work it.

If our intuition is talking to us, as it does consistently, and we ignore it or choose not to listen, guess what? It’s going to stop talking.

Just like a partner. (See how I connect everything back to love and relationships? I can’t help it!!)

Intuition is also very nuanced. When I say that your intuition talks to you, it does not mean it only speaks to you in one way. Because I know for me I have a primary way it speaks to me, which is a feeling that I can’t explain, but it’s also words or thoughts or I’ll get the picture.

So in order to reconnect to your intuition (or even connect for the first time) there are two steps.

Step one. Listening.

And in the listening there needs to be a curiosity. Because, as mentioned above, our intuition “speaks” to us in many ways. I think this is where it gets tricky for people.

Your intuition might be a hunch, thoughts, something you actually hear like a word, a picture, or a sensation in your body.  Again, multiple ways it can come through. So you might have a primary way but it could also show up different ways at different times.

A lot of times I get words – either I’ll hear the word or see the word. But I also get pictures.

A little story for ya … last night I went to bed and had my usual dreams. In the morning, I had a picture of a specific Tarot card show up. Had no idea why and honestly it’s the first time it’s ever happened to me .. where I see a random card.

I go online and I’m looking at my Facebook feed and see that The Tarot Lady who posts a Tarot Card of the Day posted the exact same card that I saw in my dream. It kind of freaked me out but also made a lot of sense. Because when I saw the picture (had the intuition), I wasn’t sure if it was for me or for the collective (for other people). But these days instead of doubting it, I go with it. I sink into the knowledge that it came to me for a reason and wait to see how it is confirmed.

If I had not seen the card displayed by her I would have put that out there to my own community. Which leads me to step number two in fostering your intuition.

Step Two. It’s not enough to listen you need to act.

In the same way as with our partners, actions speak louder than words. So you may tell your partner something over and over and over again, expecting and hoping for them to do something with that information, whether it’s comforting you, changing something or taking you out.

But again, if they don’t act on it, you’re going to stop requesting. We stop speaking up because we think we are not being heard (sound familiar)? Same thing with your intuition.

The strongest and fastest way for you to hone your intuition is to follow through on the messages that it’s giving you.

Think of it like an experiment. One of the things I suggest to my clients all the time as their homework (when I’m coaching them or reading their cards) is that for one week you take action on everything your intuition shares with you.

If a person’s name pops into your head, reach out. If you get a feeling you should take a different way into work today, take it. Just see what happens. What’s the harm? Most of the time I find that I won’t take action on my intuition and later regret it.

At least this way you’re taking action and if nothing happens, nothing is lost, but I promise you that you will be pleasantly surprised with what shows up. It’s remarkable when your intuition is actually lining up with what you needed or wanted to have happen, whether you realized it or not.

My year of great adventure (2011) when I lived in Costa Rica, toured around in an RV, tried the nomadic lifestyle and filmed a webTV series called Girls Gone Moto with my amazing travel partner in crime Sally Hope, it was ALL because I not only listened, but followed my intuition. I wanted to know what my life would be like if I was in FLOW.

It was my attempt at experimenting with Intuition in a powerful way. The results …. pure MAGIC. 

To recap: everyone has intuition, intuition speaks to us in many different ways so pay attention to it, and lastly, it’s not enough just to listen, you need to take action.

Have fun with your week in experimenting with intuition and let me know how it goes.


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P.S. If you would like to hear some of my intuition for you and your life, love or business, check out how we can work together by having a tarot reading or getting a coaching session. Would love love love to get to know you better and impart some wisdom and magic on you! 😉

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