Episode 20 – Adventures in Dating, Love, and Intuition with Diana Dorell

In today’s episode, we talk dating, love, and intuition. We dish the dirt about our own personal experiences in these realms and how to navigate the relationship waters so that you can maintain your sense of self, as well as be in an amazing love connection.

So in this conversation with Diana, we cover the following topics and more:

  • Distinction between Intuition, Feelings, and Fantasies
  • The phenomena of losing yourself in relationship and how to counteract that
  • The beginning of dating (aka crack phase) where it feels like obsession and addiction
  • Approaching everything as an adventure awaiting you

Diana Dorell is a third generation healer, certified Angel Therapy Practitioner with Doreen Virtue, Ph.D, numerologist, Reiki Master and former radio host. Diana helps powerful women feel confident and magnetic in their relationships, starting with themselves! She’s the author of “The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again”, founder of the Angel Reiki Renewal Institute, has led workshops on how to trust your intuition all over the US and has been a speaker at the State of Now #140conf in New York City along with Deepak Chopra, Ann Curry and others. She’s passionate about helping people connect with their intuition and helping them have amazing relationships.


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