Natalie Vartanian is a total Unicorn. She is a certified life coach, intuitive, workshop facilitator, writer, speaker, tarot reader and dancing machine. She uses her unique blend of magic and practicality to ignite hearts and help people lead their most turned on lives.

Her diverse Street Cred includes getting a Business Degree from USC, working in Corporate for 10 years (major oil, commercial construction, legit shit basically),  reading Tarot Cards for 15 years (self taught), and coaching around intimacy (her obsession) and purpose for over 10 years. One of her peak experiences was bringing all of her magic together for Google’s Education Outreach Department in 2012.

Her writing has been featured in elephant journal, Good Men ProjectYourTango and Your Life Your Way. She is the creator of the Virtual Love Course, co-host of Sex the Podcast, and host of Taboo and Turn On.

Last but certainly not least, Natalie is working on self-publishing her first book, a self help erotica memoir, slated to launch mid to late 2019! You don’t want to miss it – get on the list HERE!



Now for a little story in addition to ways I can help YOU personally!

I believe that you are a unique individual, with a unique spirit, desiring a unique kind of life and love and work. 

And, as a life, love and business coach, I know that no amount of generic love advice will help you get that! 

The only way to create the relationships you want in your life is to figure out exactly what you want, then do the deep inner work that allows you to intentionally create and receive them.

Unfortunately, most women (and men) operate in their lives, and in their relationships, from outdated patterns of behavior that no longer serve them. 

Have you ever wondered why you sabotage seemingly-good relationships? 

Or fall out of love as quickly as you fell in? 

Or simply keep meeting and dating douchebag after douchebag (after douchebag)?

Or maybe worst of all, deep down you don’t actually feel loved or lovable? 

You’re not alone, my dear.

There are very deep, subconscious patterns and beliefs that dictate that sort of behavior. Childhood conditioning, past heartbreak, and limiting beliefs about ourselves and the people around us often lead our thoughts, feelings, and actions in relationship with ourselves or anyone else. 

If you have ever felt out of control in love and relationship, it’s likely because you were. Not purposely, of course. But most of us have given our power away when it comes to love—we’ve given our power to our partners, our patterns, our pain.

It’s time to take back your power.

It’s time to do the work necessary to have healthy, thriving, amazing relationships. 

Sure, you can (and likely do!) read the right books or watch the right TED talks, or even invest in the right coaching and workshops—but until you stop just “listening”, and until you begin learning and implementing these important shifts inside of yourself, nothing will change.

It’s not always easy. It may seem counter-intuitive. But it will transform your relationships—and your life.

And I know this firsthand, because I experienced it myself.

My father committed suicide when I was nine years old.

It feels strange even now, seeing it in big bold print, because it was a topic that was held under tight wraps in my family. So I kept it even from my closest friends—for many, many years.

Of course, it was a traumatic experience that both shook and shaped me to my core. It stirred and cemented long-held fears and feelings, emotions and energies. It activated an intense fear of abandonment that showed up in every one of my relationships (and, to be honest, still shows up to this day).

To say I was unable to trust men after that is an understatement.

Not-so-shockingly, I became isolated, closed off, and afraid of intimacy, especially in romantic partnerships. I pushed people away before they had the chance to leave me, and I attracted the emotionally unavailable or unwilling-to-commit variety, who reinforced a deeply-held belief that I was unlovable.

Add to that, this belief I had that my own needs didn’t matter and I was only going to be loved if I helped everyone else. I couldn’t truly let anyone in for a long, long time. Talk about lonely!

Because of these experiences, I always felt that there was something wrong with me, that I was broken, damaged goods—and that, as a result, I would never receive the love from a man that I so deeply desired.

Eventually, I learned to take the guidance I am offering you here today. I began to work on my relationship with myself; breaking patterns, healing old wounds, and shattering limiting (and untrue) beliefs about love, relationship, and what I was worthy of with regard to both.

I knew that if I wanted to have healthy relationships, I had to first have a healthy relationship with myself.

Just like you.

So I became much more aware of the areas that were blind spots and then did everything I could to become strong, clear, confident, accepting and completely loving of self.

And as I became more and more mequirky, silly, passionate, and imperfect Natalie—more and more amazing love, relationships (of all kinds), and opportunities came my way.

Like magic 🙂

You can and you will fall in love with yourself, with your life, and with the partner of your dreams if you’re ready to do this work for yourself.

It’s never a matter of if it’s possible; it’s only a matter of if you’re ready to let go of the unhealthy relationship with yourself that’s been holding you back, and create a deeply loving, sincerely authentic, fully reciprocal and respectful relationship in it’s place.

If you promise to do the work, I promise to do everything in my power to guide and support you through it. That’s why I am here. I am a healer, teacher, and preacher of love. It is my calling to serve Love, to spread Love, and to remind you that you are Love. Always.

So no, I’m not going to give you even more “love advice”; I’m going to help you see what’s possible for you in love, and help you create it in every single relationship that you have . . . starting with you.

* * *

Today, I’m wildly different than I used to be, from the inside out.

I have worked to heal old wounds, taken daily intentional steps to become the best version of myself, and I have loved myself fully throughout it all. I still work on this notion of ‘letting myself be loved’, but I have come a long way and can feel how different my heart is as a result – stronger, more tender, and open to having it all.

And my life now? I get to experience worldwide travel, fun, freedom, love, amazing relationships, and even more incredible work with women just like you.

I deeply and truly love myself, and love my life. And I love you, too. I want the same for you.


It takes work, of course. Work that only you can do. But it doesn’t have to be that hard.

That lonely.

That scary.

This can and should and will be fun, love! I promise. I’ve done it for myself and for hundreds of other women and men, too—the process of falling madly in love with yourself, owning your desires, and having the relationships you deserve can be enjoyable and doable when you know the right steps to take.

And I do 🙂

I promise that I will guide, support, and love you through that work in every way that I can, incorporating not only my personal experience through this journey, but also nearly a decade of experience coaching other women back to the life and love they desire and deserve.

Are you ready for big change and expansive growth, love? Ready to create and call in the most amazing relationships, work opportunities, and life adventures? Ready to do it with glass of champagne in hand? You are, aren’t you? I knew I loved you already 🙂


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Although it was created to serve singles in their search for their Dream Romantic Relationship, over time I have used it myself, and with clients, to look at ANY and ALL relationships (with friends, family, money, your career, etc). At the end of the day, we are in relationship with everything, so shining the light of evaluation on the past, and getting clear on what we truly want, will universally help those relationships grow.

This is the work, my dear. Let’s get started!

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