My specific brand of Tarot Magic is more like Practical Magic. I like to get to know your situation and then read the cards like a story written just for you. I use my intuitive powers and incorporate life coaching skills, in addition to pulling from years of business experience and pragmatism! I’m basically a Unicorn tarot card reader … aren’t you excited you stumbled across my page?!

Tarot is magical in that it gives you a super accurate picture of where you are currently, exposes what may be stopping you from having your most amazing life, career, and love, and presents a solid plan to move forward powerfully.

Tarot is also great for making decisions, especially when you feel super fuzzy, confused, or stuck. It offers a perspective that shines so much light on any given situation.


These are just some of the magical side effects of a Tarot session with me:

: You will get a snapshot of your options and possible outcomes if you were to choose them
: Your intuition will be validated and will get the confirmation you were seeking
: You will get clarity, insight, inspiration, reassurance
: You will be surprised by how accurate the cards were – you might even think “SO Spot On!”
: You will feel more at ease and a heck of a lot lighter than when you first got to the call
: You will get coaching on what you need to do next and feel good about what decision to make
: You will feel like you are talking to a wise loving best friend


Disclaimer: I can’t foresee your future. I’m more of a mind reader that gets intuitive nudges toward living our best life. Even if I could predict, I wouldn’t offer that ‘service’ because let’s be real … you are way more powerful than you think AND are the only one that can impact your destiny.

What I can do is tap deeply into this ancient and magical tradition of Tarot (been reading for over almost 15 years). You will get the message being shared with me specifically for you! Now that we have that out of the way …






What is It?

A 30, 45, or 60 minute phone call where we do a mostly general reading or a nitty gritty one with lots of details! Your choice 😉

One of my favorite general readings includes 3 Cards for Love/Relationship, 3 Cards for Money/Career and 3 Cards for Self Development/Growth – it covers the spectrum and illuminates a lot. The more time we have on our call, the deeper we can dive in to these areas, and make sure all of your questions are answered by the time we are done!

You fill me in beforehand on what is up for you in your life (via questionnaire) so that once we get on the phone we can hit the ground running! As I mentioned, you get to ask as many questions as time allows and we will go as deep as you need during our time together! We keep pulling cards until all of your questions have been answered.

I use tarot and my intuition as guides to uncover hidden issues, repair and heal wounds, and reinforce the lessons you need to learn right here, right now.

It’s amazing the things that are revealed in tarot. It’s a clear window into both the things that are blocking you – and the possibilities ahead.

Whether you’re struggling with a specific situation or just need to have your reality reflected back to you to build your confidence, you’ll leave feeling seen and sure of what is to come.

The cards don’t lie. You in?


How Much Is It?

60 Minute Tarot Session  – $150

45 Minute Tarot Session  – $125

30 Minute Tarot Session  – $100


How Do We Get This Show On The Road?

First off, you fill out the form below so that I am up to speed on where you are and what you need.

Next, we would hop on the phone briefly to see if this would be the right fit for you, and if I am the right person to support you! I want you to feel super confident about our connection and the power of the reading before we have it.

If we are both a Hell Yes, then we set up time for the reading over the phone and I send you an email with everything you need before the reading (payment info, logistics, and intake questionnaire).

Ready? Fill out the contact form below for us to find a time to have our 15 minute consult chat!


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What is It?

A virtual way to receive your forecasts! You fill out a brief questionnaire, which includes the specific questions you want Tarot Cards pulled for, and I respond within a week with the tarot reading via email.

If you want a more general reading, you can choose from the two categories that I normally pull for:  Love/Relationships, Career/Work.

Or you can ask more general questions. A popular one that I usually get is “What Does the Universe Want Me to Know Right Now”. OR “What Do I Need to Hear for My Personal Growth?”

You get the reading in writing form OR audio recording – which makes it easier to refer to again and again. And you get the choose the best medium for you to get the information. These are just as, if not MORE, in depth than the one on one readings.

You can also purchase these for friends, family, loved ones, etc!

It really is amazing the things that are revealed in tarot. It’s a clear window into both the things that are blocking you – and the possibilities ahead.

Whether you’re struggling with a specific situation or just need to have your reality reflected back to you to build your confidence, you’ll get the confirmation you need, the guidance you want and the clarity you are craving.

The cards are always spot on … you in?


How Much Is It?

One Question Email Tarot Reading  – $44

Two Question Email Tarot Reading – $55

*Once paid, you will receive your Reading within 7 days!


How Do We Get This Show On The Road?

First, you fill out the form below to get the ball rolling, as well as provide me with all of the information I need to do your reading.

Next, I send you an email with payment info and once payment is received, I will get your reading to you within 7-10 days.


Ready for some Tarot Magic?

ClICK HERE to fill out the contact form!





You’re amazing. I love the way you so succinctly word these readings, and they are always so on point with what and how I need to hear it. I’m definitely going to let my friends know about your offers and how effing amazing you are!!”

Emily Jean
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

She was spot on with her interpretation of every card she pulled for me–except one, I thought. The wisdom of that card was revealed to me less than 12 hours after we spoke. Bottom line: This woman is a friggin’ genius/magician/BFF. I will definitely be booking future sessions with her and I highly recommend her to everyone.“

Kelsey Abbott
Portland, Maine

Natalie with her tarot magic & sense of humor & spot-on coaching & general awesomeness is exactly what I needed in my life to be remind to get me out of my own way. I think that the Universe realised I needed guidance & delivered it in the form of Natalie & I will always be grateful for that.”

Tracy Ashworth
Brisbane, Australia

“When you’re asking about the most vulnerable things in your life, Natalie makes it comfortable, safe, and easy. My business and life goals are very much “long-term” and that has been a point of conflict for me, trying to figure out if I’m making the right decisions since I wouldn’t know the result until weeks or months later. Tarot has helped me work through that fear of the unknown and with Natalie’s help I have created more and accomplished more in my business than I probably would have without it.

Diana Brown
Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey

“I enjoyed the free flowing conversation that we had that led to super informative and relevant pulls. I had been struggling with a thought that I was determined to ignore and plow on anyhow, Natalie’s reading confirmed the thought (intuition) was on target and helped me let go of the idea of plowing forward despite it. Sometimes a little validation goes a long way.”

Mariah Neeson
Spokane, Washington

Working with Natalie is a dream. Its like talking to a close friend who just happens to be extremely intuitive, utterly relatable, with an insider’s pass to the secrets of the universe. Natalie has such a wide knowledge base to work with so her interpretations always hit home.”

Gemma O’Donnell
Palmerston, North New Zealand

“I’m still reeling from how incredible of a reading I had with Natalie! She completely rocked my world. Words cannot express or do justice to the gratitude I feel for her insight/advice/guidance/support. Do yourself a HUGE favor and book as many sessions as you can with her. You will not be disappointed.”

Danielle Nelson
Columbus, Ohio

“Thank you SO much for the session! It was such an amazing experience. I didn’t know what to expect and how our session would go but what I’ve learned today is so valuable. I used to think it (tarot) was a really ‘woo-woo’ thing … but it looks like it is a science in a way. Plus a bit of magic. I am simply ‘blown away’.

Olya Kornienko
Sydney, Australia

“This was my first Tarot reading, and have to admit that I was a little nervous and worried about how best to prepare. Within the first minute of talking with Natalie, I felt ease and excitement.The reading was insanely accurate, and felt more like a session with a trusted therapist/advisor/friend. I laughed, cried, and relaxed into the jam session of possibility.”

Lisa O’Brien
Albany, New York

Working with Natalie is always an alchemical experience. She is a conduit for messages that I need to hear but for some reason can’t seem to hear from my own inner guidance. This last experience with Natalie helped me go deeper with my passion for writing: what I bring to the world as a writer and what I can do to help me overcome those obstacles that I feel are in my way. I now feel like I have a plan to head toward my passion!

Elisabeth Rossman
Gardnerville, Nevada

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