In addition to co-facilitating my Unleash workshops this year for women,  I am a huge fan and endorser of COR (workshops held in Central California and Florida for men and women).

I have not only participated in all of their trainings, including their Leadership Development Training (which is next level transformational work), I have gone back to assist all of their workshops and now staff lead (oversee the staff as they experience mini-workshops themselves when they assist).

They do a lot of work with helping the genders heal and have way more loving, healthy, and intimate relationships with each other – both platonic and romantic.

Three and a Half Days with them is more impactful (and even affordable) than years of Therapy.

I highly believe the work they do is the best out there – while many personal development workshops seek to go deep emotionally . . . or mentally . . . or physically . . . or spiritually—COR dives to the depths of all four. It is the most holistic and powerful experience out there.

Trust me on this, as someone that has been a seeker and facilitator in the personal development realm for almost a decade, I can say this hands down – THEY ARE THE BEST!

I was SO FREAKING IMPRESSED with the organization and the work they did after the first workshop I attended, because they are full of integrity and also their work is deep. I healed relationships with my immediate family because of it, I reached the next level in my career, I started writing a book, created my own podcast, and deepened every single one of the relationships in my life.  Their work is beyond powerful, and so beautifully compliments what I do with my women (and men).

**They also offer scholarships for those that may be going through financial difficulty!**

I want to share what I wrote about the COR Woman workshop after I attended in October 2015:

“Growing up I never felt like I could speak up about what I wanted or if things upset me … I didn’t feel like I had a voice. I felt like it was my job to take care of everyone else, and MAYBE I would come last. Sound familiar at all? So I knew there was a lot around “being a woman” that was still unclear or disempowered for me.

I did not have a lot of expectations going in to the workshop, but I knew I wanted to do some work around owning my power as a woman, healing the past hurts I have with my family AND feeling super self expressed in ALL facets of myself. Basically feel FREE (isn’t that what we all want ultimately?)!

I wanted to feel like I loved myself and truly was able to stand up for myself, what I desired and what I deserved.

I came out with all of that and so many more things I NEVER could have expected: a deeper connection to source/Universe/God, being freed up in all areas of my life, feeling so supremely loved by all of the women that attended, feeling so much more love in all of my relationships AND knowing who I am as a woman. It was so magical, but practical as well.

What I love about this organization, and the work they do, is it has all of the aspects to cater to our hearts and souls – the body work piece, the spirituality piece, the psychological piece, the transformational piece, the coaching piece.

I’ve gone to A LOT of workshops, and I mean A LOT, in the almost 8 years I have been doing this ‘type of work’ and this is the best I have ever attended.

So why not give your heart and soul the gift of freedom, confidence, clarity and power?! Maybe stop and ask you heart what it wants? What DOES your soul want?

I am positive this workshop can support you in having those desires met.

This was my experience after I attended their Radiant Woman workshop, where women attend and men staff. This I work I simply do NOT see out there in the workshop space … women healing around their relationships with men WITH men!  *You have to attend COR Woman before attending Radiant Woman.

Beginning of June I decided to go to a workshop because I was feeling hurt and confused and alone when it came to my relationship.

There was some DEEP work that I needed to do around my mistrust of men and love in general, as well as to fully claim what I want in relationship. 

The workshop was called Radiant Woman and it was put on by an organization called COR.

It was all women attendees and the staff were majority men. An opportunity for women to do their work specifically around their relationships with men – directly with men!

I had no idea what to expect, but I was ready. I was tired of the same old stuff of mine coming up in my relationship with Bob … I was tired of how it kept me from fully and truly showing up in our relationship … I was also tired of not being able to open up, to trust him and be loved by him in the way that I have craved for years. (I am tearing up just writing this and remembering that pain I was feeling before going to that transformational weekend).

I can’t go too into detail as to what happened during the workshop but I can say this … I came out connected to my power and my desire and my heart in a way I NEVER had prior to attending.

I experienced some DEEP healing and also immense inspiration as to what is possible in love and relationships. Best part was the community of awesome women that attended AND the tangible tools and coaching that we received to take our learning back with us into our day to day lives.

I loved the work so much, I became a JV Partner.  Their work so beautifully compliments what I do … and I do what I do because I want YOU to have the kind of life and love you have only dreamed of. 

I know it is possible and my mission on this planet is to help you feel turned on in your life, to believe in love again, and effortlessly attract and maintain that dream partner/dream relationship to you!

COR takes what I do and provides an experience that will take you even deeper into healing, discovery of who you are and what you want. You walk out feeling so fuckin free and full of possibilities.

In their own words:

COR is an organization where men and women can come together to heal their relationships to themselves and to the opposite sex, forming a union that will change not only the dynamic in individual relationships, but a union that will change the world.

We bring men and women closer by finding and healing the barriers within themselves that they have built against each other.

We also help men and women recognize the true masculine and the true feminine within themselves, so that they can engage with the opposite sex in ways that are connected, intimate, and healthy.

If you are on the fence at all, I am more than happy to offer a 30 minute complimentary session/consultation to talk about their work and if this would be a good fit for you personally! You can contact me HERE.

And if you ARE ready to sign up, you can go right to their site, choose the workshop for you (COR Woman if you are a lady, and Noble Man if you are a gentleman) and put down a deposit!

To your freedom, joy, and epic love!!