Love Magic Retreat ~ January 2015




Love Notes from Attendees of the January 2015 Love Magic Retreat:

“The retreat transformed my life. The whole experience is amazing and my friends all want to particpate in the next one.”

“​Thank you again! Still feeling the energy of Saturday! WOWZA! I’​m letting everyone I know about the Bay Area retreat in April 🙂 I want every single woman who is ready for love to experience the magic and healing that I did :)”


Are you a smart, self-sufficient, powerful, loving, giving woman who is still struggling with not having the relationship of her dreams?

This retreat is for you if any, or all, of the following apply:

  • You are a powerful woman. You are unconventional. You don’t want an ordinary life, or an ordinary relationship. But you are struggling to find a relationship structure that works for you.
  • You are tired about hearing how you’re too strong or intimidate men.
  • You are even more tired about hearing how “maybe you need to lower your standards” or “you’re expecting too much”.
  • You have done a bunch of workshops, healed your childhood, forgiven your dad and you are STILL single! (WTF?!?)
  • You are sexy, attractive, intelligent, fun and there is no reason that you can see that you don’t have a relationship when so many others do!
  • You sometimes lose yourself when you get into a relationship.
  • You bring your full self to every area of your life…except your relationships.
  • You want a man who can meet you, where YOU are at, instead of the other way around.
  • You hate to say it, but you’ve become bitter & disillusioned about finding a man.
  • You’ve heard yourself or your girlfriends say… “There aren’t enough good men out there” one (okay, 100) too many times.
  • If you go on one more date with a man where it feels like YOU are going to have to take care of HIM, you are going to scream.
  • You want to be a goddess. You want to be taken. You want an equal partnership. You want it all, dammit. And you’re starting to fear it’s not possible, but you can’t settle for less.
  • You want a conscious, powerful, emotionally and intellectually mature man – and you don’t want to have to train him, send him “hinting” articles, or drag him to tantra classes.
  • You are a powerful woman who wants love and won’t settle.
  • You’re sick of hearing about “the one”, “your soulmate” or “your twin flame” – can’t we be adults? And yet you believe in being able to have that type of relationship.
  • There are 7 BILLION people on the planet – and you can’t find ONE?!?!
  • You feel like you are at the whim of fate. This is one area you feel powerless in your life.
  • You are tired of waiting or wondering if you made a mistake.

First off, I want to let you know: “Honey, you are NOT alone!” Hell, you probably sit around with your gorgeous, talented, kind, successful female friends, over more glasses of wine than anyone can remember, wondering “WHY ON EARTH ARE WE STILL SINGLE?”


What if I told you it’s NOT because:

  • there are no good men out there.
  • something is wrong with you.
  • you missed the boat.
  • you have more ‘work’ to do on yourself.
  • you have to lower your standards.


Well, you should be, it’s not because of any of those things. I promise!



  • You could navigate attracting a partner without insecurity or confusion or doubt
  • You could JUST BE YOURSELF while dating and/or in relationship
  • You were crystal clear on what you wanted…and how to get it
  • You were confident in who you are and what you deserve in love
  • You didn’t feel like you needed a relationship to be happy (this is highly attractive!)
  • You effortlessly attract a man who celebrates your range, intensity and success, and still makes you feel like a woman
  • You felt empowered to draw/create the love & relationship of your dreams to you rather than having to wait around for it to find you
  • You felt the process of attracting that awesome guy was super easy, effortless, fun and exciting
  • You operated from a place of peace, patience, trust and flow
  • You walked around like the sexiest woman alive


This January 31st, I am hosting a one day retreat for women who are ready to transform their love lives forever.


We are going to go deep and dream big. We are going to do some major heart, soul and subconscious work to create major shifts in your relationship department. This HERE is the KEY!

Unless we get to the root and reprogram on that level, doesn’t matter what you DO, it won’t get you the results you crave!

I am committed to creating a strong, safe, beautiful, magical and transformative container for you to do the “work” around love and your relationship desires. This day will change your heart in powerful ways you could never imagine.

Not only am I providing my tarot, intuition, love coaching and magical skills (I have been known to be called a love fairy),  I have some additional tricks up my sleeve for you to truly create change on an even deeper level.

Think about it … we put so much time and investment into all of the other areas of our lives, yet Love is what we crave the most, whether we want to admit it or not! So instead of avoiding or ignoring that fact, or worse putting half hearted effort into changing things, time to do the real work, the work that will actually have it be different.

When you do that deep work, shifting core beliefs and the energy you carry around love, as well as getting super clear on what your dream relationship looks and feels like, magic happens.

Not even 10 months after writing my latest Love Wish List, I met the guy of my dreams and a month later we started dating. It has been a wonderful, I wanna pinch myself, journey ever since!

I wrote a post about it to inspire your hearts, as well as encourage you to hang in there and not settle, which you can read HERE.

I know it was all possible because I have done this same type of work that I am offering to you all. It was a combination of things I have created, as well as getting help from some pretty powerful and magical women.

Because I only want the best for you ladies, because you DESERVE the best, I have invited two of those amazing women to teach alongside me and provide you with the most fun, freeing and potent experience ever!


Meet your Teachers:

CS Photoshoot IINatalie Vartanian
, ACC, CPCC is a tarot reader, certified life coach, love & relationship expert, teacher, writer, dancer and modern day gypsy! Her mission is to inspire people to dream big and take the risks toward their most fun, free, love and adventure-filled lives–in and out of the bedroom. She knows it’s possible to have amazing love in an unconventional way.  She is ridiculously good at helping people change the way they see situations, bringing humor into the hard, helping you understand what it is you really want, and making good sex and relationships into the top priority. She works with individuals and couples to build better relationships and help them amplify the communication and intimacy, which always results in better sex. Her latest adventure is enjoying the heck out of a dream relationship with an amazing man who is almost EVERYTHING on her list, and having lots of growth, fun and ease along the way! Her work has been featured in, Good Men Project, Your Life Your Way, Cupid’s Pulse and YourTango.


Kristin Dwan Photo Nov 2014Kristin Dwan is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Priestess who has been working with energy and magic for over 25 years, and with Reiki for 16 years within her healing practice named The Healing Woods in Altadena, CA. She came upon Reiki energy within The Grossman Burn Clinic, where she was healing from receiving 3rd degree burns over 30% of her body. After healing in half the time her doctors told her she would, and being able to walk again, which her doctors warned her that she may not be able to, she got attuned to Reiki 1, and moved up the levels to becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher. Kristin enjoys leading public rituals for people honoring the phases of the moon and seasons, helping people to release what no longer serves and manifest good things to replace that which has been released.


Tabitha PicTabitha Nieto is a certified hypnotherapist with a passion for assisting people to transform their lives by unlocking their potential greatness. She excels at helping her clients get to the root of whatever is causing the blocks in their lives, due in large part to her powerful intuition. In her years of experience she has seen that, inevitably, most clients come in for XYZ, but what ends up being a major focus in their lives are relationships and love. Using hypnosis combined with relationship strategies and techniques, Tabitha has been able to help clients successfully move on from previous relationship traumas, patterns and behaviors. Her personal experience, combined with her skills and innate desire to help others love deeply and truly, leads her clients to true peace within. You can out more about Tabitha and her hypnotherapy magic at Infinite Well Hypnosis.


At this retreat you will ….

Spend a day in a beautiful home near the healing energy of the Pacific Ocean, in Summerland, CA, surrounded by beauty and tranquility.

Release old, deep, limiting baggage, open up in ways you never have before and create the vision of your ideal/dream relationship.

Feel inspired again around love and more at peace, confident and ready to attract it to you effortlessly.

Lean on the love and support of each other as a community of cool, smart, understanding, fun, empowered women.

Enjoy some intimate and magical moments together, for example: tarot cards, candles, reiki, hypnotherapy, coaching, ritual work, venting and creating with your fellow ladies!

Laugh, learn, bond and cry (happy tears, happy tears). And you will do it in wonderful company, with a group of soul sisters!


Here are some photos of our cozy and magical retreat location:


On Saturday, January 31, 2015, from 10:00am to 6:00pm, it will be you, me, my co-teachers and 8-10 other ladies.

I am keeping it small intentionally (no more than 11 lucky & lovely ladies), so that we can have an intimate environment to foster the deep transformational work we will be doing. Don’t worry, it will be fun too!


These are just some of the things we will be covering in our retreat:

  • Uncovering limiting beliefs, patterns and internal blocks
  • Releasing blocks, insecurities and fears on a subconscious level
  • Looking at dating, love and worth in a whole new way, that works for you
  • Dissecting what is real love and real relationship
  • Connecting you with your deepest desires
  • Being able to clearly visualize that dream relationship
  • Getting clear on who you are, what you want and how to get it
  • Learning not to settle in love

Getting Excited Yet?!?

Not that we need to convince you any further, but just in case you are still hangin out on that fence, the following is what you get when you sign up for the retreat … cuz we love you!

  • Pre-work to get clarity and healing around past relationships
  • Love coaching, tarot readings and ritual work
  • A homemade delicious meal for lunch and yummy snacks
  • Reiki energy infused throughout the day
  • Two hypnotherapy sessions
  • A Goodie Bag of surprises
  • Follow up coaching call with Natalie



Our prices include everything listed above (a total value of well over $1,500!) + more surprise bonuses!

Paid In Full Price: $475

Savings of $75 to $125 if Paid In Full versus Payments (Plans are available)


Actual Value:

  • Full Day of Tarot Card Pulls and Love Coaching by Natalie Vartanian – $600
  • Two powerful Hypnotherapy Sessions with Tabitha Nieto – $250
  • Reiki administered throughout the day by Kristin Dwan, Reiki Master – $300
  • Ritual Work with Kristin Dwan, Trained High Priestess – $150
  • Delicious Home-Made Meal for Lunch, as well as Snacks – $50
  • A Goodie Bag of additional love magic – $150
  • Follow-Up 30 Minute Coaching Call with Natalie – $75
  • A Powerhouse Community of Loving Ladies – Priceless

Comes out to $1,575!!


Actual Investment: A LOT Less!

The value of the retreat is over $1.5K. The actual investment is SIGNIFICANTLY less. We have worked hard to make this incredible opportunity available to the women who know it is for them, and who are ready to do the work!



Payment Plans are available as follows:

Two Payments ($275 each) – Total comes out to $550
Monthly Payments. Available through December 30th!

**If you would like to come up with a custom payment plan, please contact Natalie and an arrangement can most definitely be worked out!

Once the first payment is made, you will receive an intake questionnaire, as well as pre-work to get you primed and ready for the retreat!

We want you to know that you are worth this and so much more. We did our best to make sure you are cared for and exquisitely served in every way. We want you to have the most incredible experience.

This retreat will be life changing and we could not be more excited to be share the experience with you!

Grab your spot ASAP as we have limited spaces and I have a feeling this retreat will fill up. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis.


Pay In Full $475

 Two Payments $275


Love Notes for Natalie from Previous Clients:

The day after I did the homework (Love List Worksheet) from our coaching session I met the girl I am now dating. We have been together for a month already and are just crazy about each other. She is everything on my list, except that she drinks coffee – which is really not a big deal at all. Natalie helped me open up to the possibilities of dating after 30 years and helped me feel more comfortable with the whole thing!” (Update November 2014: Joni and her partner are still happily in love over a year later!)

Joni Zander
Corvallis, OR

Every time I have anything going on in my relationships, I dial Natalie immediately. Whether it’s to help me calm down the absolute chaos in my mind about something, or to do a check-in about what is going on a situation I can’t figure out, or to help craft a text or email to a guy that is encroaching on my boundaries, she always has the absolute perfect thing to say. She tells the truth, which is SO important in relationship work, so I can’t hide anything that’s going on. Which is ultimately what I want in order to grow. Natalie is truly gifted in this field. I literally have her on speed dial. If you want connected, amazing, sparked, passionate relationships, Natalie is your girl.

Sally Hope
Bozeman, MT

Natalie is highly intuitive. She has a keen ability to be simultaneously compassionate and soft as well as bold and enthusiastic. She helped me dream BIG – way bigger than I was dreaming for myself. I also love how real Natalie is. She walks her walk, is totally approachable and down to earth. She’s good people. Most importantly she’s an incredible coach. I would HIGHLY recommend Natalie to anyone who is ready to play full out and claim all the greatness that life has to offer!!”

Rony Gerzberg Reingold
San Francisco, CA

I always feel as though I am in good hands with Natalie, and that she will be able to hold whatever information I throw her way. She is the perfect balance between professional and fun, and with that combo, you will always feel as though you are talking to a friend. Since having the pleasure of working with Natalie, I have found that my overall attitude towards sex has shifted from one of taking sex way too seriously to now looking at sex as the playful experience that it can be.”

Alexis Maron, M.A.
Huntington Beach, CA

The process working with Natalie was really easy. She knows exactly the questions to ask to get to the heart of the matter. She helped me see that I was saying “yes” to things I didn’t want and helped me come up with specifically what to do and say to make sure I’m in alignment with what I truthfully want in a relationship and in my life.”

Diana Brown
Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

You can find additional LOVE NOTES for Natalie’s Coaching and Tarot Magic.



Pay In Full $475

Two Payments $275