Confession Time: I see and feel things before others do. All of the time. I connect dots and have a vision of the bigger picture in ways that most don’t.

It’s somewhat clairvoyant, partially clairaudient, and very clairpractical (I’m a Connector, as well as Futuristic, in the StrengthsFinder personality assessment).

I am a Unicorn in that I am strongly left and right brained.

I am very tuned into the woo/spiritual space, and am a multi-passionate creative being (am currently writing a book), but also firmly rooted in systems, structure, business, and organization (I was a math geek and studied Business in college).

When I am in session with someone I use everything and anything to bring them to their own truth and reconnect them to their purpose, passion, values, fulfillment … basically their JOY.

A lot of how I do what I do is still a mystery to me – and for you right brained folks I know you get that, and in some ways that excites you.

For the left brained folks, these are the tools in my tool box: visualizations, energetic healing, tarot and oracle cards, coaching, emotional release, body wisdom and somatic work, intuition, clairvoyance, corporate experience, entrepreneurial advice, consulting, and so much more.



If you got excited or your brain started swirling with possibilities, I would read on.


“The calls I have had with you are so pivotal in moving forward in a healthy relationship. You are an amazing guide, opening my eyes and heart to what really matters to me, and patterns I wasn’t aware of that have been holding me back.”



What happens during our time together?

This is a deep dive, a coaching intensive, in order to truly shift your life on it’s head, in the most incredible way possible. When I say we go deep, I mean DEEP!

I really believe this one session will majorly open things up for you. That is what I mean by deep. We don’t have to have lots of sessions because we go to the root and work on what is actually, truly getting in the way. If you want or need more sessions, obviously we do whatever is best and funnest (Is that a word? It should be).

Our time is a super safe container I hold just for you. Inside, you can gently explore your deepest hurts, brightest hopes, most steamy (or sensitive) stories, your ideas that are too crazy to tell anyone, and/or muse with wild abandon on that one ex who’s never quite left your mind (and your friends are totally sick of hearing about. It’s cool, we’ve all been there.)

We will also have fun. I am a big believer in the balance between levity and depth. We need both and I value both. So in one session you may be crying, not speaking, laughing, yelling, whispering, inquiring, hyperventilating, sighing … and all is truly welcome. (Did I mention I am a Pisces? I love swimming in the deep waters and I also love floating in the spacious sky.)

Whatever your situation (and I’ve heard it all), we’ll analyze where you’ve been and hash out what moves to make next to get you back in the saddle, blazing your way to a life that is much more peaceful, joyful, aligned, happy, fun, and most importantly, that feels right because it is your version of an ideal life.

You’ll walk away with a sense of freedom from the ghosts of the past, sparkling-clear clarity on your current situation so you know exactly what moves you want to make next – plus the confidence and conviction to do it!


“Not many coaches can both lovingly hold you where you’re at and also challenge you to take that scary next step, and Natalie does both masterfully. I found her to be caring, strong, authentic, and super fun.”



This is for you if …

: You are sick and tired of being sick and tired when it comes to love, relationships, work, career, etc.

: You feel stuck or maybe overwhelmed. You honestly don’t know what the point of any of this is.

: You have tried everything under the sun and still NOTHING is moving you forward in love or money!

: You’re beginning to wonder if you’ll ever have a life and love that works for you…maybe it just isn’t for you.

: You are READY, and I mean READY, to do different and have different when it comes to life and love … DAMMIT!


“Holy Moly…so good talking you last week. Things are moving fast and coming together in very clear ways. I feel sooooo much better. It is amazing how much our 2 sessions helped me and I feel pretty confident with myself and my plan of action. I feel a renewed sense of determination, focus, and discipline.”


I’m Interested … What Next? 

First off, you fill out the form below so that I am up to speed on where you are and what you need.

Next, we would hop on the phone briefly to see if this would be the right fit for you, and if I am the right person to support you! I want you to feel super confident about our connection and the power of the reading before we have it.

If we are both a Hell Yes, then we set up an hour phone session where I use all of my magic with you and you get an email with all of the logistics and payment info!

Sessions are paid on a sliding scale – from $50 to $150.*

Payment due before session and is based on what feels both comfortable and a bit of a stretch (as this IS you investing in yourself).

*Sliding Scale is something I offer from time to time as I really want coaching to be accessible for as many people as possible. I totally understand that money may be a barrier sometimes, so hopefully this is an incentive for you to get the support you want or need! 

Ready to see if we can make some magic happen together? Fill out the contact form below for us to find a time to have our 15 minute consult chat!

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