Practical Magic Fall 2017 Group Program


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Hi, I’m Natalie!

Can I ask you something?

What’s the ONE THING stopping you from realizing your dreams?

I know you might be saying “Actually, Natalie, it’s more than one.” And that could be true. But I want you to stop and think about it for one minute.

If you had to pick one area of your life, that if you focused on it completely would ripple out to the other areas of your life, what would it be?

Is it finding the career that best suits your strengths because your current job is draining the life out of you?

Is it taking exquisite care of yourself – heart, body, mind, and soul – so you can feel strong, confident, turned on?

Is it realizing your passions and purpose to give more fulfillment to your life? 

Is it the relationship of your dreams so that you have someone to share all your successes with?

Is it being of service more or traveling or whatever else your soul is calling you to attend to?



I ask because my intention for this Fall is to inspire you to focus on that one thing so that it DOES ripple into the other areas of life. So that you can begin to feel your own strength and power in making your dreams a reality!

For me, the one area I’m going to focus on is fanning the flames around my passion and purpose work. Really building up and growing listenership for my Podcast, as well as making massive movement and progress toward the book I plan to publish early next year! That’s right, I’ll be doing it alongside you while I also inspire and coach you.

I am creating this group because through all my coaching I’ve found that the accountability and support that happens within groups, you simply can’t access alone.

There is nothing like having a group of women cheering each other on, and truly understanding and relating to everyone regardless of life circumstance.

Because we’re all going through the same thing, even if the details vary.

Having said ALL THAT, you are cordially invited to spend the Fall with me and a group of amazing and magical women who will all be diving deep into areas of our life that need more attention.

And, of course, having a total blast while we do it!


In combining tarot with psychology, accountability with responsibility, inspiration with momentum, and practicality with magic, we will be taking all of our dreams to the next level!

Without further ado, I present to you ….


~ SEPT 15 – NOV 15 2017 ~


When you sign up for this program, you will get the following for two months (from September 15 through November 15) delivered via Facebook Group:

The Logistics:

  • Private Facebook Group for community support from myself and the other ladies in the group. This is also a place to go to for inspiration, accountability, and sharing of wins, wishes, and desires!
  • Weekly Accountability Threads to post your big goal for the week and have support and/or accountability about making that shit happen!
  • Mid-Week Check In where I will personally check in with everyone (whether a group post or individual follow up) to do live coaching with you around whatever you need support with that particular week.
  • Weekly Oracle Card Pull to set the tone and theme for the group.
  • Weekly Tarot Card Pulls for each individual in the group to provide personalized guidance.
  • Access via email and Facebook message if you are needing individual attention or wanting to keep your situation or request for support private for whatever reason (48 hour turnaround for responses).
  • My 10+ years of coaching experience, 10+ years of tarot/magical experience, and strong intuition to guide and help you in whatever way you need.
  • AAANNNDDDD last but definitely not least, some surprises and bonuses along the way – like Guided Meditations, Visualizations, or Additional Resources.

The Other:

  • After completing this program, you will have some major traction around your Fall goal or focus.
  • You will have a renewed sense of self and realize your strength and competence in achieving goals and setting new ones. (Even if some goals are not attained, the value in reaching for them and then changing course is immeasurable. We often only learn by doing.)
  • You will be much better at noticing the places you get stuck and how to gracefully navigate around them with tools and techniques you pick up along the three months (as I love to teach).
  • You will have much more patience with yourself and those around you.
  • You will feel way more joyful, peaceful, and accomplished!
  • You will gain a community of like-minded women to share your wins, your a-ha’s and even your frustrations and vents.

This is a completely virtual program as you don’t have to be on any calls – so regardless of where you live or what time zone you are in, you can get the powerful support I know your heart is calling for! It is all conducted via the Facebook Private Group.

**For those that want one on one coaching support, I am offering donation based coaching for the duration of the program for Practical Magic participants!**


The value for this is well over $600 a month, however I am pricing it much lower so that it’s more accessible and I can help more women like you bust through the blocks that are keeping them stuck.


Who this IS for:

  • Ladies who have a dream or goal and want to spend the Fall focusing on achieving it (getting that passion project started, putting yourself out there romantically, strengthening your relationships, learning to love yourself better, making a career change, starting a business, etc…)
  • Magical mama’s who like to have fun with tarot, and also get your hustle on in a feel good kind of way – aka with lots of magic, ease, fun, and momentum!
  • Women who are deep but also light hearted, who value the polarity, and prefer range and variety in their approach to life.
  • Women who are tired of doing it alone (and why wouldn’t you be?) and are ready to be supported and guided in your journey.
  • Lovers of the woo and mystical, but also want some practical, down to earth, tips and plans and tactics as well.
  • Lovelies who do well with the guidance of someone that is like a best friend, soul sister, witchy woman, business strategist, and love expert all rolled into one (YUP – I’m talkin’ about me people)

Who this is NOT for:

  • People who want someone to do the work for them
  • People who like to blame others and shirk their own responsibility
  • People who expect results overnight
  • People who are not coachable or willing to look at their blind spots
  • People who like to complain



$60 a month for two months

Pay in Full and get a $20 discount – total due: $100

EARLY BIRD – SIGN UP BY 9/5/17 for a surprise bonus!

*I am carefully curating the group of women that will participate in this magic together.

To get the ball rolling, please fill out the form below! *

Submitting a contact form serves as an indicator of your interest. You will get a response ASAP if you are a good fit and have been selected to join this love fest!

Once payment is arranged, you will get an email with all of the information you need to get you set up strong for the program to begin, which also will include an intake questionnaire!



What people are saying about “Practical Magic”:

“I’ve been looooving Practical Magic! ” 

“Thanks as always for being a sounding board…it feels so grounding and safe to process with you!

“I’m inspired by Natalie and this magical group of women she has brought together!”

“Think of it as a powerful, virtual woman’s circle with the magical, spiritual, intuitive guidance of Natalie! I was a part of her first Practical Magic group and found it to be the incredibly valuable. Natalie and the dynamics of the fierce women in the circle holding space for one another helped me to unlock the insights, healing and action that already lived within and was just waiting to be asked to step into the light! Natalie is a true light worker! If you’re interested in being your best version of yourself, consider participating in the Practical Magic group!”

“I am inspired by Natalie Vartanian and all the work she does in supporting people. This woman is helping me through some tough times. I am also inspired by groups of women who come together to build each other up! I love that and I need it in my life.”

“I most loved having you there in the group, ready to help when I needed you most, to give me guidance and coach me through the little hiccups I’ve experienced during the past few months. It’s nice having someone loving who you know has your best interests at heart but isn’t afraid to say the hard things. Sometimes my friends don’t really know what to say or I don’t feel comfortable asking them the questions I can ask you. ” 

“It has been a big support during some difficult times/days. I loved when you use your intuition in response to my posts.