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In my 15+ years of working in organizations, spanning a wide range of industries, there was always one thing that was missing.

There was a lack of objective when it came to the relationships in the company and this caused a major deficit in the health and success of the overall function of the company.

If you organization is made up of people, and they are not in functioning, fulfilling and positive working relationships, then you should be questioning the ability of your business to flourish, and the rate at which it is doing so.

What is your job as an organization?

  • Teaching each and every employee how to triumph (AND)
  • Giving them the tools to set them up for success.

Why? Because their success is your success. And successful employees mean that you are bringing the organizational vision to reality, all the while increasing your bottom line.

Where do I come in?

I teach your people how to Triumph every time, through a comprehensive system that involves communication, a solid plan, collaboration and the ability to navigate towards success through each task.

Every time you create a team, or start a project, it is imperative that conversations take place up front, in order to ensure the most rewarding result.

The following components of the “Designing Relationships Program” can be presented separately or as a whole:


Goal Setting / Visioning

Objectives: Getting crystal clear on your goal, which includes brainstorming, outlining wishes and wants, envisioning the desired outcome and getting buy-in from all parties through collaboration and co-creation.

Effective Communication

Objectives: Creating a safe space for open communication, exploring ways to give constructive feedback (wins and wishes), understanding dynamics of individuals and various communication styles and practicing empathy and honesty.

 Setting Agreements

Objectives: The heart of designing! Discussing optimal ways of working as a team, agreeing on roles and responsibilities and ensuring individual needs and wants are met.

The Game Plan

Objectives: Designing the action plan, thinking in terms of proactive versus reactive, focusing on strengths, anticipating challenges and creating alternate strategies.


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Natalie Vartanian, CPCC, ACC, is a certified life coach, writer, workshop facilitator, personal development consultant, and an expert when it comes to strategy, communication, and designing relationships within a team setting. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Communication, from the University of Southern California (USC). Natalie’s education includes coaching training and certification through The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), certification through International Coach Federation (ICF), leadership training through Accelerate Training, and transformational leadership training through COR Experience.

Prior to her coaching career, Natalie worked in industries such as major oil and energy, technology, construction, education, and non-profit as a consultant. Her roles have included Western Region Systems Administrator, Regional Systems Manager, Records Management Consultant, and Project Coordinator. Her latest endeavor at Google included creating and facilitating personal and professional development workshops for teachers, education outreach professionals, and middle school students.

During her time at Google, Natalie created a program that outlined the importance of designing relationships that was used within the teacher groups and classrooms. She also took on the role as a facilitator, for the 2013 Global Summit in New York, where she taught outreach professionals from around the world about the importance of personal leadership. Some of her work has been featured in Forbes, Good Men Project, and elephant journal.