Are you ready to finally let go of the limiting beliefs, shift the patterns and release the blocks that keep you from having the most amazing love life ever (whether in relationship or not)?

Are you ready to get super clear on that dream relationship of yours so that you can easily, effortlessly and magically make it a reality?

Could you use some practical and magical guidance around love and relationships?

Do you want someone to support you through this … someone that is like a best friend, soul sister, witchy woman and love expert all rolled into one??

Well then you are in luck!



I have been hearing of a lot of people in my community who could use some support around love – whether they are single, in a relationship, or married.

As much as I would love to work with each and every one of you in person, I can’t – however it got me thinking about ways I can support you all, and in a way that is convenient and affordable.

So I designed something super special just for you!!


~ JULY 2016 ~



These are some of the things you can get support around this summer:

  • Getting clear on what your ideal relationship looks like
  • Believing more deeply that you can have everything you have ever wanted
  • Cultivating a greater sense of self love, self confidence and self knowing
  • Letting go of holding on to old baggage, patterns, beliefs
  • Learning how to intentionally design your relationships (whether dating or in partnership)
  • Working through roadblocks in communication and sharing your needs/desires



When you sign up for this program, you will get the following for the month of July 2016:

  • Private Facebook Group for community support from myself and the other ladies in the group. This is also a place to go to for inspiration, and sharing of wins, wishes and desires!
  • Two Facebook Office Hours a week with me where I will be online to do live LOVE coaching via Facebook post and comments (times TBD via what works best for the group).
  • Unlimited email access if you are needing individual attention or wanting to keep your situation or question private for whatever reason (24 hour turnaround for responses).
  • Optional ‘heartwork’ if you are wanting to dive deeper around love and relationships.
  • My 8+ years of coaching experience, 10+ years of tarot/magical experience, and strong intuition to guide and help you in whatever way you need.
  • Tarot and oracles card pulls each week to set the tone and theme for the group – sent via email and posted in the Facebook group!
  • AAANNNDDDD last but definitely not least, some surprises and bonuses along the way – like Guided Meditations and Visualizations.

This is a completely virtual program as you don’t have to be on any calls – so regardless of where you live or what time zone you are in, you can get the powerful support I know your heart is calling for!

ALSO, if you did want to do one on one coaching and/or tarot sessions with me, I will be offering discounted sessions to you all for 30 and 60 minute sessions.



The value for this is well over $1,000, however I am greatly discounting this program as accessibility is a big value of mine and I can support as many ladies as possible! 

To sign up, click on one of the options below:

~~~EARLY BIRD – $197 per person*~~~

*Early Bird Discount available until Sunday, June 19th

**And if you sign up before June 13th, you get a bonus 3-card email tarot reading!

~~BUDDY DISCOUNT – $147 per person*~~

*Name of buddy will be requested on intake questionnaire

PAY IN FULL – $247 per person


*To set up your payment plan, please Contact Me to get that ball rolling! 

Once payment is received you will get an email with all of the information you need to get you set up strong for the program to begin, which also will include an intake questionnaire!

If you have any questions or would like to chat, please feel free to Contact Me and let’s email shall we?