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Video: Navigating Expectations and Assumptions

CHECK YO SELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YO SELF! New Video on the silent killers: Expectations and Assumptions. I share why they are dangerous, what you can do to mitigate them and my personal stories around it as I foray into the wild world of dating. My invitation this week is to notice the places you […]

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Video: Doing Radically Different in Love and Life

I’m baaaccckkkk. Have not done videos in a while, so here we go again 😉 This time I talk about doing things differently in your life so that you have a different result. Whether that is around work, our love, our life, our friendships… Think about what you usually do, your usual patterns, and ask […]

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Video: Do You Get All ‘Gumby’ in Relationships?

Realizing I tend to make up phrases and sayings … this is no exception. After a chat with a dear friend recently, it came to my attention how I, and so many women I know, get all ‘flexi’ in relationships. Far too often I see women (myself included) stretch and flex and morph themselves in […]

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