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5 Reasons You’re Never Going to Find Mr. (or Ms.) Right

*Disclaimer: This article was initially written for ladies of the gentlemanly persuasion but can apply to everyone, regardless of whoever it is you are wanting to love on and be with!!  Truth Bomb Time: The fact that you are not in a relationship right now has more to do with you than anybody else. It’s […]

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Saying Fuck It Does a Heart Good

I love birthday week. The most recent of early birthday celebrations was an awesome dinner and drinks with a dear friend. Richard who I have known for 20+ years is all about us having adventures together and living it up and boy did he pick a pretty swanky spot. We were definitely dressed to impress. […]

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Why I Gave Online Dating it’s Pink Slip

How long would you say is a good amount of time to give something a go before you let it go? 1? 5? 10 years? How about 15? Well that is how long I have been online dating. 15 years. On and off of course, but it has been almost half of my life. Picture […]

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Take Care of Your Man/Woman!

Take care of your man (or woman)! Regardless of your ‘status’ with each other. When you read the next couple of suggestions you may think they are solely applicable for dating (or in the very beginning stages of a relationship) but it is just as important when you are with a partner for the long or […]

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