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Video: What’s Self Love Got to Do With it?

We hear about Self Love and how important it is all over the place. Self Love has become the New Black! But what is it really and why? What does self love really have to do with love and dating and having the relationship of our dreams?  Let’s explore together shall we?! Click on the […]

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Video: How to Date Yourself

Has the idea of dating became a bad taste in your mouth? Or are you in that in between place of feeling like you are not sure where to put your attention when it comes to dating and love? The thing is, we forgot that we are a big part of the equation. We keep making it about everyone else, […]

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Video: ‘Getting Back Out There’ when it comes to Love

  How does one ‘get back out there’ when it comes to love, whether you have taken a hiatus, have not dated in a while or need a renewed attitude when it comes to dating?? I know it may seem daunting or challenging or hard … even at the thought. But what I want for you is […]

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