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Handling Relationships When You Feel Like a Hot Mess

You know … we are fed a myth growing up about love and relationships that is so full of shit. It really does do us all a big disservice and sets us up for failure. This notion is that ‘Once you get into relationships all of your fears, worries, problems will go away.’ I’m here […]

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Old Fashioned? Yes. Hopeless? Never!

Considering the fact that I have had my heart broken 3 times … 3 intense and strong times, you would think I should be done with love. But I’m not. Nowhere near done. Actually I think I believe in love more now than I ever have before. I tear up when any of the people […]

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Getting OFF the Crazy Train

Does the following scenario sound familiar at all? You are out with your friends at a bar and you see this guy who you think is beyond hot. I mean, ridiculously attractive and you find yourself wanting to go over and make out with him right then and there. By the grace of god you […]

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