My Tarot Story

I never in a million years saw myself as a professional tarot reader.

I was forced into it.

Okay, forced is a strong word but it took repeated suggestions over the course of a year or more in order for me to finally give it a real concerted effort. Thank you Sally!

I mean, I’m a business major from USC for goodness’ sake. Having a career in the arts or spirituality seemed so damn impossible … and I’m not going to lie, the frustrated artist in me had to put it down in some way to make myself feel better … hence saying the words “woo woo” or “crystals” mockingly and with obvious disdain.

But you know what? I’m just as good at Project Management as I am at writing as I am at tuning in to what is really going on in any situation. I guess I bought in to society’s version of what success and smart looks like.

However there is no one definition for success or smarts or talent. That’s the beauty of being human … we’re pretty complex and unique and fascinating. We don’t have to ever BE one thing or follow any ONE path. I know it took me a while to not only accept but embrace my unconventionality but once I did … man, a whole other world opened up … true freedom.

So many times I had a desire or urge or fascination but I did not allow myself to pursue it. When I think back to six years ago, it was the same thing with Life Coaching. I loved it so much as I was doing it on a volunteer basis … coaching in leadership programs, unofficially coaching friends and colleagues.

It wasn’t until another dear friend said to me “Why don’t you just do life coaching? You love it and are good at it.” that I seriously looked into schools and certification. Thank you Kristin!

Another scary one was the decision to go from general life coaching (which I had done for almost 5 years) to focusing solely on love, dating, sex and relationships. I’m going to have to thank Aaron for lovingly pushing me towards that direction because that shit was NOT easy … putting yourself out there so vulnerably is not a piece of cake. But I survived and am SO glad I stormed past those demons.

I got to write for so many cool publications, teach people how to have love their way and be way more fulfilled in their relationships. Still one of the topics I talk and coach around the most. Do what you love … sometimes way easier said than done!

As you can see I am not immune to the F.E.A.R. No one is. But what I have realized is that if it weren’t for the loving and encouraging support of my friends, I would not be as happy and fulfilled and free as I am these days. They were there when the going was rough, that’s for sure! And if not friends, then somebody … a coach, a therapist, a mentor, or a tarot reader.

Right … back to Tarot!

I love it. Over the past 7 plus years I read for all of my friends. And I mean ALL … or at least anyone that would LET ME! Pretty soon I was the awesome guest you wanted to invite over to your party because I had the coolest party favor ever to contribute … tarot readings!!

It was super fun for me … still is all of these years later. I am constantly as surprised as YOU are to find out what the cards have to say about your situation.

Besides, I have a gift. Now that one took me a hell of a lot longer to own. But I can’t deny how my intuition about people and interpretation of the cards brings so much clarity and relief into people’s lives …

Luckily I have had the privilege of seeing the growth and hearing the feedback from people I got the honor of reading for over the past decade! For Love Notes from recent clients, you can read them here!

I do have to warn you though … how I approach Tarot isn’t like most readers. I have what you would say is a ‘coach approach’.

I’m not going to tell you your cat is gonna die or that you will meet the love of your life tomorrow.

What I will do is help you get a sense for where you are at, what might be coming up, what is in the way of you having the life you want and then help you figure out ways to get you the life you dream of and faster!

Craving some magic – and some answers?

Head on over to my tarot page to learn all about the cards that don’t lie – and take a peek into the divine to get clarity in the here and now. I offer one on one, as well as email, tarot readings.

If you want some social proof as to my Tarot skills and abilities, you can read the Love Notes HERE!

Wanna know more about me? I’m flattered.

1.My high school BFF jokingly called me “Dr. Ruth” because I was the go-to whenever anybody had a tiff with their boyfriend, or had to decipher a love note, herself primarily!

2. When I’m not bestowing my clients with nuggets of lovey wisdom, I love spending times with pals, walking/running/hiking, listening to music, madly scribbling in my journal or taking over the dance floor somewhere

3. My first Tarot Deck I ever bought I affectionally called my “Tarot for Dummies” deck because the meanings of the cards were written right ON them. No guess work there!

4. I have a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Biz Communication…which I’m sure has come in handy a few times. You could say I’m a serial entrepreneur with a knack for words…

5. I could never live without peanut butter. Truth.

 6. Superpower of choice? I’d love to be able to teleport. My inner nomad would be in heaven. (Or Spain. Or Bali. Whatever! I mean Wherever!)