TarotScope Readings

If you want a deeper dive into the month ahead, are feeling stuck or have unanswered questions, you have come to the right place.

I can get you answers … And tarot? It’s the vehicle.

I just want to clear one little thing up before we get started … I don’t predict the future.

You are the only one that has the power to create your destiny.

What I do is give you a picture of where you are at, what may be coming up around the corner and what might be stopping you from having your most amazing life and love then coach you through it. 

The cards don’t lie and I am amazing at what I do … I see and hear and feel things from you and the cards that seem almost divinely delivered.

Think of a reading with me like talking to a super wise, super intuitive bestie!

So book a session and let’s get this magical show on the road!!

To snag your spot, simply click the Work With Me Button to pay via PayPal.


One Hour Tarot Session (60 minutes) – $150

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Once paid, I will contact you via email within 24 hours with information to set up a time for our tarot session. Readings are conducted via Skype or Phone.



If you buy TWO (2) Full Hour Tarot Readings, you will get 25% off the total price. This would come out to $225 total (a savings of $75!). These sessions are powerful in and of themselves and it sometimes takes time to let them integrate, aka processing is needed. Buying it as a bundle is a good idea because you can then come back to it a few weeks to a month later and assess how far you have come, as well as get some solid suggestions and a plan for next steps/what’s next. OR you may have a whole new set of things come up as a result of the first one and we can dive into that! More Tarot for Less Money … sounds like a win/win to me!

Tarot Reading Package (Two 60 minute sessions) – $225

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Once paid, I will contact you via email within 24 hours with information to set up a time for our first tarot session. Readings are conducted via Skype or Phone.


Lovers Tarot Card




You’re amazing. I love the way you so succinctly word these readings, and they are always so on point with what and how I need to hear it. I’m definitely going to let my friends know about your offers and how effing amazing you are!!”

Emily Jean
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

She was spot on with her interpretation of every card she pulled for me–except one, I thought. The wisdom of that card was revealed to me less than 12 hours after we spoke. Bottom line: This woman is a friggin’ genius/magician/BFF. I will definitely be booking future sessions with her and I highly recommend her to everyone.“

Kelsey Abbott
Portland, Maine

Natalie with her tarot magic & sense of humor & spot-on coaching & general awesomeness is exactly what I needed in my life to be remind to get me out of my own way. I think that the Universe realised I needed guidance & delivered it in the form of Natalie & I will always be grateful for that.”

Tracy Ashworth
Brisbane, Australia

Working with Natalie is a dream. Its like talking to a close friend who just happens to be extremely intuitive, utterly relatable, with an insider’s pass to the secrets of the universe. Natalie has such a wide knowledge base to work with so her interpretations always hit home.”

Gemma O’Donnell
Palmerston, North New Zealand

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