wish list

What do YOU want when it comes to love?


More often than not we go into a relationship and are not radically honest with ourselves about what we want.

If you do not know exactly what you want, then you will never know when it actually shows up and/or you will end up settling for something you definitely do not want!


So … the question is –

What do YOU want when it comes to dating, relationships and sex?

If you could have your dream relationship, what would that look like??

Take a couple of minutes and allow yourself to dream about it. Literally close your eyes and picture it. Go into great detail with your vision and be prepared to paint that picture with words really soon.

When you are ready to start making some magic happen in that department, I have just the Worksheet for you!

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Excited yet? You should be!

You are an amazing and beautiful being. You deserve amazing love. And you get to create the exact life and relationship you want.

So what are you waiting for? Get your worksheet by entering your info below and wish away.


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The day after I did the homework (Rad Love List Worksheet) from our coaching session I met the girl I am now dating. We have been together for a month already and are just crazy about each other. She is everything on my list, except that she drinks coffee – which is really not a big deal at all. Natalie helped me open up to the possibilities of dating after 30 years and helped me feel more comfortable with the whole thing!

Joni Zander
Eugene, OR

“My biggest thank you to you is for the love in my life. After I went through that worksheet (Section 3 of Virtual Course), it just created something in my life that I didn’t expect. I just did what was asked of me (through the course) and it worked! I am very happy with what happened in my life in the last 2 years. And thank you so much for all your support and willingness to help. 

Sydney, Australia

P.S. Maybe it’s time you and I talk. I can help you look at love in a whole new way, which will have you feeling a million times more excited. Not to mention more confident and attractive Head on over to my Work With Me page to find out a couple of ways I can be your partner in finding love.

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