What would life be like if…

: you finally had the relationship you always dreamed of – one that was equal parts sexy, soulful and made you feel wildly alive and fully seen…

: you could honestly say you loved, accepted and cherished every inch of yourself…

: you were turned on in every sense of the term – by your life, by your relationships, and by your work…

: you felt worthy of “true love” on a very cellular level…

: you were able to be open, honest, and ‘yourself’ in all of your relationships…

: you had a steamy, dreamy sex life and off-the-charts chemistry …

: you felt the most YOU than you ever have

Sounds pretty damn amazing, am I right?

Well the best part is it’s all possible!

I know this because I have seen it happen time and time again with clients I have worked with over the last 10 years aand I have proof (see below).

“You have transformed me, my life, the way that I love and allow myself to be loved a million times over. Thank you for helping me to see what’s possible in relationship to myself and others. Thank you for wanting what’s best for me and helping me to pursue it.”


Being where I am now has honestly put even more of a fire under my butt to make sure others know that amazing love is possible for them too!! The sky is the only limit.

I love helping women (and men) create healthy, unconventional, amazing relationships (with yourself + others) built on love, trust, connection & radical honesty.

Here’s the thing – you need to invest the energy, time and money into it because the return will be worth every ounce and penny. Think about how much money you invest in things that are half or a quarter less important to you?

Your heart deserves as much if not more of your attention and investment!



What Is It?

Five Months of coaching and support where we’ll uncover exactly what’s stopping you from experiencing ahhh-mazing unconventional love and a turned on life.

This is a deep dive, a coaching intensive, in order to truly shift your life on it’s head, in the most incredible way possible. When I say we go deep, I mean DEEP!

Change takes time – even major transformation takes time to be processed and integrated on every level. The five month container of our time together will allow for us to explore all limitations, all possibilities and all of the ways to make sure the change is sustained.

I have a serious infatuation with helping savvy women define & refine their dream relationships – so they can strike the word “settle” from their vocab and do what they gotta do to attract their own perfect-for-them kinda love.

‘Cause the truth is you deserve a life that makes you feel fulfilled, fired up & fiercely alive – no matter what you’ve experienced in the past. And I wanna show you how.

What You Get:

Five Months with Yours Truly on Skype or Phone: During our 4 Months, we’ll jam on all things: love, life, work, family, friends, you name it. I’ll bust out all my magic – namely, my practical love knowledge for the left brainers and my spidey senses (you know – deep intuition) for the right brainers, even Tarot or Oracle cards if need be – to sniff out what’s really up in your love life.

Each month we will have two (2) hour long sessions together. This way you go deep and have some space to process all that opened up during our hour sessions.

Access, Homework and Accountability: In between sessions you have unlimited access to me via email, text and check-in sessions (see below). I also assign homework at the end of each session that we both agree upon that will further your momentum and growth. A Google Doc is kept of all of our notes during sessions so that you can be present and track your progress as well.

Optional Half Hour Check-Ins: As a bonus you get up to TWO (2) half hour sessions a month to be booked at your discretion, as needed. These can serve as check-ins, further deepening of what was worked on in the previous session, extra encouragement or support when you need it, someone to talk through a difficult situation or decision. These can be used whenever you need it during our five months together.

Virtual Relationship Course: You also have access to the course I have created that compiles all of the exercises and tools I use myself and with my clients over the past 5 years. This course alone is magic and has provided tremendous results for those that dove in and truly worked it.

Suggested Extra Boost: Attending a women’s intensive workshop where you have a rite of passage into femininity and womanhood, held by COR in the beautiful rolling hills of Central Coast, CA. This work is powerful, magical, healing, and transformational! This would not be a part of the package, and is merely a recommendation to do in addition to go even deeper in our work together.

What We’ll Do:

Our time is a super safe container I hold just for you. Inside, you can gently explore your deepest hurts, brightest hopes, most steamy (or sensitive) stories and/or muse with wild abandon on that one ex who’s never quite left your mind (and your friends are totally sick of hearing about. It’s cool – we’ve allll been there.)

Whatever your situation (and I’ve heard it all), we’ll analyze where you’ve been and hash out what moves to make next to get you back in the saddle, blazing your way to blissful, expansive love, of yourself and others.

You’ll walk away with a sense of freedom from the ghosts of exes past, sparkling-clear clarity on your current love situation so you know exactly what moves you want to make next – plus the confidence and conviction to do it!

Because intimate relationships aren’t just wild and magical…they’re vital.

This is for you if…

: You are sick and tired of being sick and tired when it comes to love, relationships, work, career, etc.

: You have tried everything under the sun and still NOTHING in the love department!

: You’re beginning to wonder if you’ll ever have a life and love that works for you…

: You have the belief that love may not be for you or the disbelief that you’ll ever find the person that wants everything you want or will love you exactly for who you are.

: You’ve got a honey you adore (most days), but keep acting out the same melo-dramas & issues – and want to stop. Like, yesterday.

: You are READY, and I mean READY, to do different and have different when it comes to life and love … DAMMIT!

“Holy Moly…so good talking you last week. Things are moving fast and coming together in very clear ways. I feel sooooo much better. It is amazing how much our 2 sessions helped me and I feel pretty confident with myself and my plan of action. I feel a renewed sense of determination, focus, and discipline.”

For even MORE Love Notes around my Coaching Magic, go HERE.

I only work with people who are ready to show up and who are hungry to do the work.

The Investment for a Five Month Coaching Program is $550 a month*.

*If paid in full, there is a $250 discount – total due would be $2,500.

However I don’t want to let the money deter you at all – how much is this worth to you? How much is it worth to you to transform your life, your relationship, your heart, your sense of self, etc?

What is the most you would pay to have the life and love of your dreams? What is that worth to you?

I know for me, I have invested thousands of dollars into programs, workshops, coaches, therapists etc because I know I am worth it and I deserve to have an amazing life. The results and rewards are priceless. I would spend it all over again, probably twice over.

What I require of you is honesty, courage and a desire to be open to all of the magic that is available to you once we figure out what it is that is blocking you from having amazing love!

Ready to see if this would be a good fit?

I do offer a consultation to make sure this will work for both you and I. You get a sense of my coaching and we make sure there is chemistry to commit for the five month program!

Our 30 minutes together will be to see where you are currently, figure out what you may need moving forward, and also if I am the right person to support you in manifesting your dream relationship.

Please contact me HERE to book your 30 minute consultation.

“Not many coaches can both lovingly hold you where you’re at and also challenge you to take that scary next step, and Natalie does both masterfully. I found her to be caring, strong, authentic, and super fun.”



My Street Cred and How I Do It:

As a love coach and tarot reader, I blend my 8 years of official coaching experience, 8+ years of lovin’ on the tarot decks and 18 years of personal experience exploring what it means to live and love – y’know, out here in the real world – into a transformative, intimate coaching experience for my clients.

My own special brand of magic is helping you learn to experience love your way, and create the kind of relationship you always secretly wished for at night…but never knew was actually possible … however outrageous or unbelievable as it may seem!

My coaching style is a bit like hanging out with your relationship-savvy and compassionate BFF.  I’m calm when the moment calls for it, a solid listener when you need to vent and a shoulder to softly cry on if necessary…but I’m also not afraid to call “bullshit,” either, in the most loving way possible.

However I wouldn’t call myself a “typical” love coach. In fact, I’m here to challenge the very status quo of “traditional” relationships. I believe you can love who and however you want (‘cause even the messes make some pretty good stories!)

Basically: Your capacity for love is infinite. You can have the passionate relationship you dream about, if you’re willing to take a hard look at the one thing you have control over: you.

At the end of the day, I believe love is an inside job, and it starts with you – becoming powerfully present, healing your inner wounds and learning to wildly appreciate the here & now – and then you’ll attract mind-blowing, awe-inspiring experiences & truly effin’ amazing love.

I want you to feel an exhilarating rush when you think about your future relationships…not dreading your next date.

I want you to shamelessly celebrate the amazingness that is your life …instead of worrying that you’ll never “find the one.”

I want you to fall madly, head-over-heels in love with yourself – and with love!

Bottom line: I want you to have amazing, mind blowing, body rocking love.

I will tell you this: I have had not one but two or three of my clients meet their long haul person a week to two weeks after we worked together, and countless others who manifested their dream partner when the time was right for them to meet. I have also had countless women find happiness and fall in love with themselves and life again.

Nothing makes me happier than getting the email updates saying they got engaged or are expecting a baby, or have their dream job, or have repaired their relationships with friends and family! 

It may not be that fast for everyone but it happens for those of my clients that are ready and willing and dedicated to the work.

Things are about to change for you too in a MAJOR way if you are really ready for it. You in?