Surviving Sexual Assault and Learning Consent with Ashley Manta

Ashley Manta likes to talk about sex—a lot. It’s not taboo for her. You know what’s else isn’t taboo for her? Cannabis. In fact, this bubbly buxom blonde has become a sought-after authority on mindfully combining sex and cannabis as part of her CannaSexual™ brand.

As a professional sex educator, writer, coach, and facilitator, Ashley helps people navigate these topics to make sure they are interacting, loving, and feeling their best in and out of the bedroom. Ashley writes a weekly educational column on sex and cannabis for renowned online cannabis resource,

Most recently she began writing a weekly blog for Dope Magazine’s Hump Day High about her life as the CannaSexual™. In March, she moderated a panel at SXSW titled, “The Surprising Health and Sex Benefits of Cannabis.”

She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with a minor in Women’s Studies and has completed graduate coursework for a Master of Arts in Philosophy.


  • Consent and conscious choice in sex.
  • Empowerment, strength, and pleasure in sex validation seeking.
  • Ashley’s story of surviving rape, multiple times, and how she healed enough to be the sex educator she is today.
  • How to support a survivor of sexual assault.



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