Transgendered Sexuality: One Woman’s Journey with Robyn Ashmore

Robyn Ashmore grew up with the idea of wanting to be normal “I’m gonna marry a girl, buy the house, get two labs, pop out a couple children, and then I’ll be normal.” She buried that side of her very deep that knew another dream, her real dream and her real self were inside wanting to be expressed. She started her transition in her later 40s – when she wrapped up the false life that she had created. She shares her story of her transition as well as her journey of rediscovering and reclaiming her sexuality.


  • The toll it took on Robyn to hide her true gender identity for most of her life.
  • Robyn’s journey from cis-man to trans-woman.
  • What it’s like for Robyn to become sexually active again following her transition.
  • The distinction between transgender and transsexual.


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