Deep Sexual Connection in Committed Relationship With Justin and Juna of Daily Relationship


Justin and Juna are the creators of Daily Relationship, a weekly video blog where they share their most intimate issues and profound learnings. At the time of this episode they’ve released over 80 episodes (they began at the very beginning of their relationship!).

Like all couples, Justin and Juna have had their challenges, but as you’ll learn in this episode, the reason they’re able to sustain such a vibrant sex life and relationship is because of their dedication to communication with each other and to their own personal growth.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Healing from sex addiction.
  • How to know if PDD (Perpetual Dissatisfaction Disorder) is affecting your sex life and relationship.
  • Honoring your sexual yesses and nos.
  • Justin and Juna’s powerful tools for keeping the flood gates of sexual flow wide open within committed relationship.

Top Quotes:

  • “A way to keep relationship from getting boring is the willingness to see your partner new in every moment. And yourself.”
  • “Sexual energy and creative energy come from the same faucet in your body.”
  • “If we are not experiencing a lot of sexual flow with one another, we’re withholding something. There is something that needs to be said that hasn’t been said that will open up the flow for us to be able to connect.”
  • “One of your greatest sexual organs is your voice. Because when you are withholding something from your partner and you’ve got some type of secret, it really blocks your connection.”



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