Redefining Sexuality after Paraplegia with Sam Morris

Sam Morris

Sam Morris is the founder of Zen Warrior Training. In 1999, just after leading a bicycling trip for nine teenagers across the United States, Sam was in a car accident caused by a drunk driver which left him paralyzed from the waist down. Rather than becoming the victim of his circumstances, Sam learned and created a system of mental and physical training that brought him more vitality and clarity than he had before his injury.

In addition to coaching private clients and businesses in Zen Warrior Training, Sam hosts biweekly classes in Santa Monica, CA, a monthly men’s group called “Zen for Men,” Zen Warrior Training youth programs, and workshops throughout the country.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Sam redefined his sexuality and manhood after losing all sexual feeling and function due to a spinal cord injury.
  • How lovemaking can be an opportunity to develop enormous self awareness that has infinite depth.
  • How to have sexual experiences that have nothing to do with genital orgasm and are deeply fulfilling to both you and your partner.
  • How sex can become more enriching and fulfilling when we use it to know ourselves more deeply (as opposed to simply fulfilling sexual desires).

Top Quotes:

  • “I can have a sexual experience while I’m working at my computer.”
  • “I realized more and more that it’s essential to be true to your own authentic energetic style when making love. That is the key and the core of lovemaking.”
  • “That I think is what women really want. They want someone to focus on intimacy. They want someone to actually be there with them.”



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