The Benefits of Professional Cuddling with Adam Lippin


Adam Lippin is an entrepreneur and the Co-Founder/CEO of as well as “Cuddlist Training Academy.  At Cuddlist, his Mission is to offer a safe way to engage the healing power of intimate non-sexual touch in a touch isolated society. Adam has been featured on Jenny McCarthy’s Sirius Radio, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, The Howard Stern Show, Good Men Project, and numerous other publications and blogs.

He is a Cuddle Party Facilitator and holds monthly Cuddle Parties in NYC.

Prior to Cuddlist, Adam was the Founder/CEO of a successful chain of restaurants “Atomic Wings” for which he’s been interviewed numerous times, appearing on CNN, Fox Business News, New York Times, New York Magazine, The New Yorker and countless other media.

Adam is an avid Yogi and has taught in renowned Yoga Studios in NYC including Jivamkukti Yoga School, OM, and Sivananda. As an experienced meditator he has participated in countless yoga and meditation retreats including in the US and India.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • Adam’s personal story growing up during the 80’s AIDS crisis as a gay man.
  • How Adam created a business based on training and certifying professional cuddlers that come to your home to help get your physical touch needs met.
  • How our society is sex obsessed but touch deprived. Creating physical intimacy without needing to have things be sexual.
  • The emotional and physical benefits of cuddling.

Top Quotes:

  • A touch and a hug or a cuddle or a hug can be a transformative act and a very powerful act and almost, in our culture a very subversive act, because we don’t do it.
  • You can’t offer true intimacy to someone unless you truly understand who you are.
  • Watching people experience each other… the love that comes out of the room… The 27 year old guys that are cuddling with a 58 year old woman who’s overweight, and there’s magic that happens. And the magic happens just as much for the guys as it does for that woman.



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