The Open Relationship Episode with Peter and Morgan

Peter and Morgan

Morgan West is a flaming cocktail of joy, nurturing, and power.

She’s adept in the realm of open relationships. She’s in a committed life partnership with men’s coach Peter Rubin and skillfully weaves a dynamic web of other intimate relationships.

As well as being a sexuality and relationship coach, Morgan is a midwife. She’s passionate about welcoming new life into this world with nurturing and care.

She defies cultural norms, creates freedom for herself and others, and explores the edges of what’s possible. She’s completing her coaching certification from OneTaste, a leader in the field of personal growth and sexuality.

Peter Rubin is a seasoned Coach, Speaker, and Creator of Be the King – a transformational course for men who want to rule their lives in the areas of Love, Sex, Money, and Purpose. He’s also a Business Coach whose speciality is creating badass, client-magnetizing websites for coaches and entrepreneurs in a single day.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How Peter and Morgan consciously create and navigate their open relationship
  • Having children and parenting in open relationship

Top Quotes:

  • We move through portals in our sex. Both physically in that my body feels different afterwards and emotionally and mentally. We just travel different Universes and it’s really incredible.
  • Our basic belief is that there’s more than enough pleasure and connection to go around. And the more love and pleasure we each have in our lives, that can only benefit the other person. There’s nothing taken away from me if she has other partners.
  • It’s not repressing all those feelings like “Oh, I’m not jealous”. That kills open relationships. It’s like being fully honest that there are feelings that come up and playing with them.
  • We’re not even allowing ourselves to feel how big something can be or how great something can be, because our mind gets in the way.



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