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Episode 4 – The Vulnerability of Wanting and Desire

In this solo episode, I share with you the interesting dynamic of wanting and turn on being just as vulnerable as taboo. That the mere act of wanting has us want to hide and shut down desire. It’s a fascinating topic and also a place for us to bring awareness and intentionally untangle from in order […]

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Learning to Trust Men Again [My Story]

Originally posted on Reclaiming Male Role Models: When I was asked to write this post, I will be radically honest in that my first reaction was a heart pounding, heavy pit in my stomach, nauseous-type feeling in my body. The topic of male role models is a very tender and sore subject for me, so […]

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Video: The Fear of Being Imperfect or “Not Good Enough”

Something that has been coming up with my clients recently is this fear that if they show the side of them that is imperfect or not having all of their ‘shit’ together, they won’t get love, they will get left. It’s an epidemic that keeps us from the intimacy and love and acceptance we crave! […]

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We’re ALL scared

Relationships cause you to open up in ways you never knew. Lesson upon lesson when connecting with another human being in such a deep and intimate way. Intimacy requires vulnerability and trust. You need to drop your guard and show a side of yourself that you may not want to show. It is a scary […]

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Comfort. Who needs it?!

My heart was pounding so hard. At certain points, I could literally hear it beating. The bump, bump, bump in my chest was almost painful. I thought to myself, “This is too hard. I don’t know if I can go through with this. I could hang up soon and he won’t know the difference anyway.” […]

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The Sexiest Thing is Trust

A while back I dug up a poem from December of 2006. I wrote this piece when I first started making one of the most poignant connections in regards to relationships. “The sexiest thing is trust.” For what are the chances of finding someone, Who you can trust with your mind, body and soul? That […]

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