We’re ALL scared

Relationships cause you to open up in ways you never knew.

Lesson upon lesson when connecting with another human being in such a deep and intimate way.

Intimacy requires vulnerability and trust.

You need to drop your guard and show a side of yourself that you may not want to show.

It is a scary thing. Of course it is.

Add to that the reality of past experiences where we did open up in a big way and were hurt.

Now we got some pain to add to the fear.

You know what?

There is nothing wrong with that.

You have every right and reason to be hesitant.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to intentionally put myself in a position to get hurt.

Who would?!

That’s crazy talk.

Regardless of past experiences, even if all of your relationships have been ‘really good’, there is still the element of the unknown which inevitably causes some anxiety.

The reality is, when it comes to dating and relationships …

We’re all scared.

Let me say that a little differently …

We’re ALL scared!

And that’s okay.

None of us know what we are doing when it comes down to it.

But we try our hardest.

Because that is the only way to possibly have that unique and amazing experience.

Every time we open up to another human being is essentially a leap of faith.

So cut yourself some slack.

While you are at it, cut others some slack too.

They are just as scared as you.

Their fear simply may not look like yours.

Know you are doing your best.

As are they.


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