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We’re ALL scared

Relationships cause you to open up in ways you never knew. Lesson upon lesson when connecting with another human being in such a deep and intimate way. Intimacy requires vulnerability and trust. You need to drop your guard and show a side of yourself that you may not want to show. It is a scary […]

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Comfort. Who needs it?!

My heart was pounding so hard. At certain points, I could literally hear it beating. The bump, bump, bump in my chest was almost painful. I thought to myself, “This is too hard. I don’t know if I can go through with this. I could hang up soon and he won’t know the difference anyway.” […]

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Ask The SEXpert: Moving through Paralyzing Upset

Question: As a relationship-focused coach myself, I have my own opinions on what I’m dealing with, but I’d like to get your opinion. My girlfriend and I get along fantastically. We rarely fight, and when we do we look at it as a chance to figure out how to be better partners. However, sometimes she’ll […]

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Limiting Beliefs and Love

One day recently, for no particular reason, I started feeling weepy and sad. It made no sense at all since everything was going really well. When I quieted down a bit and did some digging, the words that surfaced as faint as a whisper were “None of this is real or lasting, I don’t deserve […]

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