Is Sex and Tarot the new Peanut Butter and Chocolate?

Last night some crazy shit went down. So crazy I am still a bit speechless myself. Soaking it in slowly but surely.

Have you ever had an experience of stumbling into a situation where you thought “How the hell did I get here?” but simultaneously felt like “This is a bit overwhelming but beyond amazing!” and “Everything in the world and my life is making perfect sense in this moment?”

Yeah, that was last night.

Since I can’t speak directly for the other party involved, I thought we would do a bit of dual perspective storytelling.

I am HER and he is HIS. 😉




A week ago I was spending time with a dear friend of mine who is beginning her journey of getting licensed as a sex therapist. Miss Ashley Cash was regaling me with her latest a-has, as well as sharing the various learnings around sex and sexuality in her weekend class.

Of course as a Sex and Relationship coach I was soaking it all up. And our dialogue around it was fast and furious.

The very next day she lets me know her head has been bursting with ideas. The main idea? A Sex and Tarot Seminar.

Saying I was intrigued would be an understatement.

We hop on the phone yesterday, a few days after we saw each other, and for an hour brainstorm all of the possibilities in combining these two super fascinating topics.

Confession Time: I have been reading tarot for 6+ years and I have been coaching folks around sex and relationships for 5+ years, but I have never read anyone’s tarot specifically regarding sex and sexuality!

However I knew we were on to something and that in time it would reveal itself.

We left the call buzzing and with plan in hand to roll out a set of seminars this Summer! (Stay Tuned for details about that awesomeness!)

Fast forward to tonight. I get a call from Mister Aaron Steinberg, my twin brother from another mother. His usual check in call on his way home from school (love this guy beyond words).

I begin to fill him in on the latest, especially around my conversations with Ashley as he also works in the world of relationships.

{There are very few people I go to for coaching around my relationships and he is one of them. The other person is Ashley’s other half, Austin.}

As I am telling Aaron about the Sex and Tarot Seminar project Ashley and I are working on, I hear him gasp. A loud gasp.

He says “Oh my god, before you even told me what you two were planning I thought Tarot for your Sex Life!”

Which did and did not surprise me. A) All three of us are Pisces and ridiculously creative visionary folk! and B) Aaron is super intuitive.

From there, it was as if Aaron was possessed.

The guy who has had no real interest in tarot (I mean at all) was going off about what an absolutely amazing idea that was and literally begged me to do a reading for him right then and there.

It took some convincing on his part because I was not sure. The fact that he is so skeptical of the whole tarot thing and having not done readings around sex had me a bit wary.

But my own curiosity won out. And there I was … sitting on my bedroom floor, with tarot cards in hand, listening to him tell me about an issue regarding his relationship to sexuality.

It was something he had been working with unsuccessfully for years. I know this because we had talked about it a few times in the past.

He simply asked for a card pull but I pulled three cards because I felt they would tie together somehow and tell us a story.

I began to tell him about each card, what it represented and how they may be connected. What happened after that I am still reeling from.

Something that he has been grappling with for years, in the course of a mere 15 minutes, was completely transformed.

He said he has talked about it with numerous coaches and even his therapist, yet what the cards sparked for him opened up a way of looking at it that he had never considered before.

Needless to say … he is a believer now.

As for me, I can no longer deny the massive magic tarot creates.



I’ve never had much interest in Tarot. For a bunch of reasons ranging from total skepticism to a lack of motivation to try.

But after Natalie (the only person who’s even had me close to being interested because I love and respect her so much) told me about the idea of pulling a card(s) for a sex issue, I got pretty damn excited and practically forced her do a reading for me on the spot.

I told her about something that had been bugging me for a long time, since I was a teenager and sex was becoming a part of my life. I’d talked about it with two coaches and a therapist and had made some but not much headway.

In essence, although I feel perfectly confident in sexual abilities, I often feel uncomfortable asking myself what it is that I really want in the bedroom, like if I ask myself this question some scary Pandora’s Box is going to emerge.

Natalie pulled three cards for me.  As she explained each one to me, different memories popped into my head that I shared with her.

Together, we combined these with the cards to form a sort-of story–one broad, big, right-on, one bringing details into the other two–and I made meaning out of it.

Toward the end of this process, as I started to understand things about myself I hadn’t seen before, I felt floored, kind-of overwhelmed but in a really good way.  

A light bulb definitely went off, but it was more than that.  

Even now, it’s kind of hard to explain.  Suffice it to say, I saw this concern I had in actually the complete reverse of how I saw it previously and it radically changed things for me.

I kept saying to Natalie: “I’ve been working on this for years, and you gave me more in a half hour than all of that combined!  You’ve gotta do this for other people!”  I was pumped.

I know Natalie is a really good coach, and I’ve seen others get a lot out of her Tarot, and I’ve definitely admired the way she has tackled sex and relationship issues, but something about the combination of these three just felt so perfect to me.

I also just think this is extremely cool–I’ve never heard of sex and Tarot before and was immediately intrigued enough to demand a session.

This is a safe way to approach sex issues because you can always be as vulnerable as you feel comfortable with.  

You can let the cards give you answers or dig around with them.

I highly, definitely recommend working with her in this way if you have any concern, issue, or even just unanswered question about sex or sexuality.


I have been passionate about both of these things for years, but never in a million would I have thought to combine them!

Yet the fact that both are such mysterious, magical and marvelous tools for connection, expression and digging deep into the recesses of our core makes perfect sense.

So there you have it folks.

Sex and Tarot.

Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

Pretty fucking cool and delicious on their own …

But when you put them together: absolutely decadent!

Who knew?!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Flickr/Stephanie Chapman

CS Photoshoot II


P.S. If you are ready to change the relationship with YOUR sex or sexuality through tarot, I am ready for YOU. Consider me your magical partner in crime. 

I promise you will feel invigorated and enlightened in a way you never have before. Better sex life, here you come!


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