Never Too Late (to do Prom at Age 39)

This past Saturday I went to prom, for the first time! Took me 20 years, but as they say “Better Late Than Never.” 

I actually didn’t go to a single dance during high school. The decision was partly my moms to protect me from being the young one in a sea of older kids who could be very very bad influences on me.

But then at a certain point it became my decision too … The rebel in me kicked in, and I didn’t see what the fuss was about. I chose to spend prom day with my best friend doing all of the things we loved. That day will go down in history for sure.

However there was still a part of me that wished I could have had that experience. Fortunately the opportunity came in the form of a friend’s birthday party where prom was to be reparative and the theme was “Doing it right this time”.

So I asked the man I was dating at the time to be my prom date. Oh my gosh, he showed up in ways I never would have imagined. Literally in a way … since he arrived wearing a tux and his shirt matched the color of my dress (not planned at all! And burgundy for those of you that are burning to know!)

He was clear and vocal about his desire for me to have the experience I never had. That in and of itself skyrocketed the excitement factor of the whole thing. Yes we were acting like giddy teenagers, but also were mature adults who did not have nearly the amount of insecurities than in high school. There was a peace and ease to the whole thing that I highly doubt my teenage self would have experienced. 

He drove all the way to pick me up, which was not a small feat as the round trip driving time was 2 hours, not to mention driving to the prom location another hour round trip.

He brought me a beautiful corsage, which I’ll admit was more of a highlight for me than the actual time at prom! 

He treated me to a super lovely dinner where we engaged in some amazing, honest, and thought provoking conversations. Par for the course with us, but also there was something magnetic and sparkly about it given we were dressed to the nines.

He then escorted me to the party where we had a sweet blend of together and separate experiences, and ended the night with some super hot physical connection (aka high school style make out session).

Photo Credit: Darker Days Illustration

I especially appreciated the check in preceding making an entrance. He asked how I was feeling going in to the party. He then shared that his inner introvert was more present and how he was feeling protective of our time together, one on one, which absolutely melted me.

But he did immediately follow that by saying he was also excited to be going, and with me specifically, because he was proud of what we had created so far during our time together. So did I, so did I.

That evening, including that gorgeous moment of checking in, I felt beautiful, seen, cared for, and loved by this man. 

Thank goodness I was brave enough to ask him to be my date. That evening healed so much. It had me emotional in all of the best ways. He showed up so solidly and sweetly – the most amazing gentleman. It gave me hope that old fashioned courting was not dead.

Never say it’s too late to have a do over. Regardless of age and/or your past, you can choose everyday to have the kind of life that is most aligned with your heart and soul. I honestly believe that … for me and for you. 

We can try again, and it could be way better than the first one ever was!

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