Video: What You WANT Wants YOU

In this video, I talk about the concept of ‘What You Want Wants YOU’!

Being that today is my one year anniversary with my dream guy, Bob, I chat about the crazy, but cool, fact that we visioned EACH OTHER! We both had our own ‘wish lists’ and were actively manifesting the other to show up in our life.

To hear more about how you can relax into the knowing that the very person you are dreaming about is out there doing the same, go ahead and press play below to watch the brief video about our story!


P.S. Latest Love Note: “With your help I manifested my own perfect guy, he was right under my nose for years and I was in denial lol pretty much every single thing on my wish list. So magical.”

If you are ready to create your own magical relationship, the one you have only dreamed of at night, sign up for the Virtual Love Course! You will be able to dismantle old beliefs, release what is no longer serving you, vision that dream partnership and then learn to manifest it effortlessly.

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