You Can’t Fuck It Up in Love, Even if You Try!

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I have been feeling a lot of anxiety in the air lately—people feeling like they don’t know what’s going to happen with the person they are dating, or they are unsure if they should call/text/write someone they are interested in.

I feel this anxiety swirling around me all of the time! We hold back in someway, or we are afraid to show who we really are.

Or, heaven forbid, we share what we really want and need in a relationship.

So many of us, myself included, are paralyzed with fear because we don’t want to screw up our chances of finding “the one” or progressing from our casual date to long term commitment!

We end up playing “games” whether we realize it or not. We try to anticipate the outcome, stick to the “rules” and try to stay within our roles.

In my experience though, when it’s our “long-haul person” (the person we are meant to be with), all of that sh*t goes out the window.


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