Video: There is nothing wrong with you, it’s your beliefs.

Today’s topic is about how there is nothing wrong with you, it is a thought or belief that is “faulty”.

When we have that reality in mind,  it becomes a simple matter of identifying and replacing what actually is “wrong.” Takes the pressure off and has us feel way more compassionate towards ourselves when we can choose a new, more correct and optimistic view on our situations.

Enjoy the video below filmed on a super pretty walk I was on. Had to stop mid-walk to share for this latest love lesson. The day felt awesome too – cool air and warm sun – perfect result of opposites attracting.

*Transcription can be found post-video.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this concept of thinking there’s something wrong with us, especially when we’re not getting the results we want. Some of these are: I am I not in a relationship or why am I not at a certain place in my business.

You know, when impatience kicks in, and pretty soon you are wondering thoughts such as: “So what’s wrong with me? Why haven’t I fixed this yet? Why is this still a problem?”

I think it’s not about you … it’s about your beliefs. It’s your wiring. Beliefs are something that we think are true. Yet it’s not about you, it’s a thought you keep telling yourself, or a story you hold onto that has been around for a while.

It’s not about who you are as a person … it’s just about what you’re thinking.

We don’t blame the toaster when the wiring is faulty. It’s not the toasters fault, it may be the fault of the person who put the wires in the toaster in the first place. OR the wires are old, like your outdated beliefs, so they need to be replaced.

What if you were able to give yourself more compassion, by realizing it’s not your fault. It’s no one’s fault. You just need to replace the wiring. If the wiring doesn’t work anymore, it’s not
working to give you what you want … which in the case of the toaster analogy, is toast!

My recommendation, when it comes to you and your life, is to look at and see if you can just identify what wires are faulty and then do the work to replace the wires, instead of spending all
this time wondering what’s wrong with you.

I love you very much!


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