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Video: Receiving is Just as Important as Giving

Why is receiving seen as such a negative thing? It can be seen as selfish, taking, needy, wrong, etc. Yet receiving is half of the equation for reciprocity – without a receiver, you can’t have a giver. In this video, I explore the receiving end of the equation. *For you readers, the transcription of the video […]

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Video: The Fear of Being Imperfect or “Not Good Enough”

Something that has been coming up with my clients recently is this fear that if they show the side of them that is imperfect or not having all of their ‘shit’ together, they won’t get love, they will get left. It’s an epidemic that keeps us from the intimacy and love and acceptance we crave! […]

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Video: Do You Get All ‘Gumby’ in Relationships?

Realizing I tend to make up phrases and sayings … this is no exception. After a chat with a dear friend recently, it came to my attention how I, and so many women I know, get all ‘flexi’ in relationships. Far too often I see women (myself included) stretch and flex and morph themselves in […]

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Video: Honoring Deep Desires and Breaking Up with Love [Our Story]

As most of you probably know, I have been in a romantic relationship with Bob Schwenkler for the past year and a half, building an incredible life together. Living together, creating a podcast together, growing a successful sex and relationship coaching business together, taking care of our cat-babies together…It’s been a blessing in so many […]

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I Almost Died Today

I almost died today. Not one but TWO cars making a left at the intersection didn’t see me walking across the street in the crosswalk. The first one turned RIGHT in front of me, cutting me off, and the second saw me right in time before coming at me from my side. Interestingly enough I […]

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Video: Standing Up for Yourself IS Self Love

In this video, we talk about this concept of self love and how that can show up in various ways. Loving yourself can feel ambiguous and confusing, however if you have tangible steps or things you can do to care for yourself, it becomes somewhat easier. My mission is to try to break down the […]

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Video: Seeing the Self-“Work” around Love as Self-Care

In this video, we talk about this concept of ‘doing the work’ when it comes to relationships and love. We get caught up in a place of feeling we have to do our work before we can ever be in relationship … or that the work is hard and painful. To me this work is […]

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Video: Letting the Old Version of You GO

In this video, we talk about the concept of your realizing you are a new version of yourself, which means letting the old version of you GO! I have been in a pretty major transition lately. Bob and I moved out of our place, put all of our belongings in a 3×5 storage space, and […]

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