Video: Letting the Old Version of You GO

In this video, we talk about the concept of your realizing you are a new version of yourself, which means letting the old version of you GO!

I have been in a pretty major transition lately. Bob and I moved out of our place, put all of our belongings in a 3×5 storage space, and hit the road for the next 9 months [some photos at the end of this post]. We are both so eager for the next chapter in our lives.

We will be in Boise, ID for the first few months and then traveling around the US and Canada for 4-5 months (March through July/August)! Traveling will include putting on talks/workshops around Epic Love and Sex in various locations!

As a potent way to wrap up this chapter in my life, I decided to burn a bunch of old journals.   I realized I was ready to finally let go of the ‘old’ me by burning 15 years of journals. There was so much sadness, confusion, hurt and anxiety carried within those pages.

And I have literally and figuratively been carrying that energy around since 1999, which is when I started journaling regularly. Writing helped me to gain sanity and peace … Now time to let it go as I am a much different version of myself now.

And how fitting that these two quotes were in one of the journals about to go into the fire!

“It’s never too late to be what you’ve always been.”

“Be ready at any moment to sacrifice who you are for you could become.”

To hear more about giving your old self compassion, honoring the various versions of yourself, and stepping even more fully into who you are now, hit PLAY below!

To aid in the ‘letting go’ process, my Virtual Love Course has a few great releasing exercises as the whole course is designed to get you in touch with your beliefs, release the old, vision the new and effortlessly manifest it when it comes to love (or any relationship in your life for that matter)!

And last but not least, some fun photos of the past week!

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