Video: Receiving is Just as Important as Giving

Why is receiving seen as such a negative thing? It can be seen as selfish, taking, needy, wrong, etc. Yet receiving is half of the equation for reciprocity – without a receiver, you can’t have a giver.

In this video, I explore the receiving end of the equation. *For you readers, the transcription of the video can be found below.

I used to think that receiving was something only women had issues with. But in working with Bob and working with a lot of men, I am realizing this is actually a huge thing for men too.

They are not immune to this concept of not being able to receive. It’s almost like as a society we’ve been given this message that the highest form value is to give, and that value is determined by whoever gives the most or whoever serves the most.

But here’s the thing … if you don’t have someone on the receiving end, how can you give?

Both need to be in place: you need a giver and a receiver for this kind of transaction to take place.

Yet when we think of receiving, we feel like we’re seen as ‘taking’, or being needy, or putting our own needs above someone else’s, basically it’s selfish.

However, I had a mentor of mine mention this to me years ago: the joy that I get from giving when someone fully receives my gift, I am basically robbing someone of that same joy when I’m not able to be open and receive their gift in return.

Receiving isn’t just about me … it’s about the other person too. I’m giving them the gift of the joy of giving. So it goes both ways.

There’s a joy in giving and a joy in receiving. And we need each other to be able to give and receive that gift.

So what would it be like for you to look at receiving differently?

This is also linked to loving ourselves …being open to allow people to give to us.
The next level would be to be able to ask for things we want, but let’s just start here.

What would it be like for you to just open your self and receive, with gratitude and graciousness, someone’s gift to you, because they are wanting to love you.

Can you open up and receive them and know that you don’t have to do anything to receive that gift?

Hoping you are able to open your heart and receive more love, as well as celebrate who you are which is a beautiful person worthy of receiving

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