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Video: Permission for Your Feelings and Needs

Just got back from a 9 day intensive for a 10 month Leadership Program I am a part of through Celebration of Being. After attending their powerful, deep and transformative workshops (Celebration of Woman and Power of Love), and then going back to staff those in addition to the one for men (Noble Man), I […]

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Learning to Trust Men Again [My Story]

Originally posted on Reclaiming Male Role Models: When I was asked to write this post, I will be radically honest in that my first reaction was a heart pounding, heavy pit in my stomach, nauseous-type feeling in my body. The topic of male role models is a very tender and sore subject for me, so […]

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We’re ALL scared

Relationships cause you to open up in ways you never knew. Lesson upon lesson when connecting with another human being in such a deep and intimate way. Intimacy requires vulnerability and trust. You need to drop your guard and show a side of yourself that you may not want to show. It is a scary […]

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Are you an Undercover Man Hater?

Have any of the following thoughts run through your mind? Guys are such dogs! Guys are such dicks! All guys think about is sex! Guys are so superficial. All they care about is looks! If I didn’t need sperm to make babies, I would have nothing to do with guys! The world would be a […]

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The Sexiest Thing is Trust

A while back I dug up a poem from December of 2006. I wrote this piece when I first started making one of the most poignant connections in regards to relationships. “The sexiest thing is trust.” For what are the chances of finding someone, Who you can trust with your mind, body and soul? That […]

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Ask The SEXpert: Trust After Infidelity

Question: How do you learn to trust your partner after an infidelity ? Response: This is such an important question and I know many people struggle with this. Thank you for sharing! I know it took some courage and vulnerability on your part. First off, ask yourself the question “Am I willing to truly forgive […]

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