Video: Permission for Your Feelings and Needs

Just got back from a 9 day intensive for a 10 month Leadership Program I am a part of through Celebration of Being.

After attending their powerful, deep and transformative workshops (Celebration of Woman and Power of Love), and then going back to staff those in addition to the one for men (Noble Man), I knew I wanted to learn everything I could about their methodology.

I knew going in While I was at my retreat, I experienced some pretty deep feelings of loneliness and longing, as well as connected to my needs for trust and safety.

More than that I saw how I don’t give myself a full permission to feel my feelings and have my needs. I make them wrong someway, or feel like it will be too much for other people. Basically I don’t show them at all!

Giving ourselves permission will allow us to actually be able to share them with others, and achieve what I believe we all truly want which is connection and love at the end of the day.

In the video below I share my vulnerability with you and expose my heart. I do this to model that it is OKAY and our needs/feelings are what make us unique. Love to you dear ones.

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