My Love Wish List UNCENSORED

Here you go Universe …my wish list for Love. I am putting it all out there and not holding anything back. Oh and if I didn’t mention it before, I am READY to receive so bring it on!

My Ideal ME

I am a force to be reckoned with: I am not afraid to ask for what I want and get it effortlessly. I show up as my big, bright, beautiful, weird, silly, fun self. Passionate, courageous, loving, powerful, fun, magical, confident, creative, playful, compassionate and carefree! I feel like the sexiest woman alive. I fully communicate my needs and desires. People feel loved, inspired, supported and honored in my presence. I am humbled by the love and support in my life. I am open, honest, communicative. I am a student of life and a wise mentor eager to share my gifts, insights and love with the world. I am a boundary pusher and a lover of the skinny branches. I am a true gypsy, nomadic and free, pure love and light!


He is a powerhouse with a heart of gold. He is smart, funny, witty, handsome, confident, sweet and straddles the introvert/extrovert line. He is an expert in his field and a revolutionary. Generous and ambitious, he wants to make a big impact in this world and give for the pure joy of being in service to others. He is spiritual, has strong ethics, family values and is a champion in general. He loves having fun and likes to be spontaneous. He likes dancing, being in nature, experiencing the finer things in life and is comfortable with simplicity as well. He loves traveling as much as I do! He takes care of his body, mind, spirit and heart. He is open to self exploration, development and growth. He really sees me, hears me and gets me. He knows how to make me feel loved by giving me quality time with his undivided attention and lots of hugs, kisses and touches. He is super sexy, comfortable in his skin and I find myself wanting to rip his clothes off … OFTEN! Just thinking about him turns me on. He is open minded and open to trying new things, whether it be sex in public or a workshop on sex! We can be freaks together in the bedroom. He is grounded and grounding for me, yet has a fire in his belly and keeps me on my toes and keeps things exciting. He does not have kids and is unlikely to want to have kids, but is open to deciding this as a couple. He is willing to explore an open relationship.


We are able to communicate how we are really feeling without fear of being judged or hurting the other person. We can truly be ourselves. We feel so unbelievably blessed and proud to be with each other. Together we are yin and yang. We have so much fun … laughing all the time like little kids. We compliment each other and ground each other. Communication is open, curious, full of love and respect. We cheer each other on, call each other out and hold each other big. The container for our relationship is spacious, healing and exciting. So much energy, passion and connection. We have HOT sex and are ever learning and growing in our sex life. We are super adventurous and deeply intimate. The container is also safe … allows me to bring out my inner freak and share my fantasies, be truly naked. We travel together well and are also good traveling apart. We take epic trips and love being in that place of childlike wonder and wide eyed enthusiasm together. We give each other alone time and space when needed but also the attention and affection we crave. We are total partners and a team. The whole (sum of our two parts) is greater than the individual pieces. Our relationship is fluid … it ebbs and flows, opens and closes depending on our mutual desires. We check in regularly as to how everything is working and whether our needs are being met.

CS Photoshoot II

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