Life Coach Training is code for Life Transformation!

September 2012 marks the two year anniversary of completing my coach training courses at CTI (The Coaches Training Institute) in San Rafael, CA. Looking back at the last two years, my life has been different in ways I never would have imagined. Might sound like I’m exaggerating but they have been the best two years of my life. I have risked, grown, changed, experienced, loved, laughed and all because of the process of coaching and being coached. I traveled, started new businesses, made amazing friends and faced some fears. So here is an ode to you CTI, you have not only changed my life for the better, you have changed it for good!

I wanted to learn coaching in person since that experience of being face to face and literally witnessing it is invaluable. I could have done the classes over the phone but (a) that’s not my bag baby and (b) I know what magic happens in the room where people of like mind are there to learn. You have so many opportunities to practice and  you are constantly getting feedback, from the leaders, your classmates, the assistants. These people were not only my peers, they became like my family. Two years later and I talk to people I met at CTI on a weekly basis. Friends for life!

CTI Family Group Photo

CTI Family Photo: Aren’t we a cute and happy bunch?!

I learned that our job, basically, is for you to see how amazing you already are and that you have the answers. And we hold your big ol’ amazing, exciting life vision throughout the process. They know that people may come wanting to coach about their work, which obviously is the forefront on most people’s minds, but inevitably you as a coach will touch on other areas of their lives because rarely can someone truly compartmentalize. It’s all connected … do awesome at work, feel awesome in your life, do awesome things in your life, feel awesome at work!

I can go on and on about how great my school is, how great the program is, how great the content is, but what sticks long after the classes or certification is over is how great the process of self inquiry and personal development is … for me, at least. My bachelor’s degree is in Business Administration from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Yes, Fight On for ol’ SC! There I learned so much about business, ideas, working together and innovative thinking. Yet at CTI, I learned about life! We are rarely taught how to be a successful human being: how to thrive, love, connect, be fulfilled! I went in for personal coach training and came out life trained.

In the first class alone, Fundamentals, I walked away with some HUGH A-ha’s for myself. I learned about designing relationships. Such a DUH, but how often are we intentional in how we set up a relationship, whether it is with co-workers, clients, friends, romantic partners, you get the drift! Because they do not see it as just coaching, it is co-active coaching … where you consider the role of both people in the coaching relationship. Genius! I also thought I was a good listener, but nothing like this. Oh man, and being listened to, TRULY listened to. That was one of my biggest points of contention in life, I never felt people were really hearing me, they were just biding time waiting for their turn to talk, so this experience was Priceless.

Honestly, I feel like everyone should go through the classes. Whether you want to be a coach or not. Whether you want to manage others or not. These are amazing skills to learn and have in your life’s toolbox in general. The best part, it will change the relationships with the other people in your life, not only for the better, but for good … Promise!

CS Photoshoot II

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