Dancing (Challenge) to Heal and Inspire Your Heart

As most of you know, I recently went through a breakup. Although there was a lot of love and intention, and honoring of our connection, it still hurt. I felt the loss, the longing, the sadness, the hope for the future that will no longer play out quite that way.

I did what most people that experience grief do … went into my cocoon and tended to my broken heart. I tried to give it as much nurturing and love and compassion as I could. Some days I did pretty good, other days (a lot of other days) I numbed out, ate, stayed busy and did anything I could not to feel what was happening.

As of late, I have been feeling called to move my body again. To shake my hips and toss my hair. To get sweaty and work out whatever emotions are bottled up inside. To unleash my passion and do it through play. To let the music take me wherever it wants me to go.

Over the weekend I committed to a 30 day dancing challenge. I spent Sunday morning compiling all of my favorite songs and creating a playlist on Spotify. I want to share it with you all, so that you can unleash YOUR dancing queen.

Click HERE for my booty shaking dance mix. (I also have an awesome playlist of my all time favorite sexy chill songs which you can follow HERE.)

I really do believe music can be medicine, and moving your body is the best way to have that medicine go right to the places it needs to go most – aka your heart!

After a couple of months of grieving my break up and nurturing my broken heart, this dancing challenge feels like a beautiful next step in the healing process.

Will you all shake what your momma gave you with me?! Will you join me in healing and inspiring your heart through dance?

I also filmed a super quick video talking about the challenge – my sweatiest video to date – which you can check out below! XO

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