Video: Keeping Love and Connection Alive Post-Breakup {My Story}

As you probably know from my post in March of 2016, after a year and a half of being in romantic relationship with Bob, building a life and business together, we decided to consciously uncouple, aka break up. If you have not watched that video, you can do that HERE.

The hope was that we would experience freedom and expansion as we transitioned to the next chapter for us: business partners, friends, and occasionally lovers.

We wanted to honor our own healing, while continuing to support each other in our individual paths. The road has been rocky at times, and tender in others. I was majorly grieving during in the months that followed, and coming face to face with some pretty deep wounds from my childhood.

But overall, the decision to separate has brought us even closer as we practiced compassion and honest communication with each other, as well as respecting each other’s process, the entire time. Another thing that has happened is that we have individually gotten super clear on our missions in the world and have a renewed passion and commitment towards our purpose work.

We stayed committed to our connection throughout, which has allowed us to come to a place of feeling solid in self, as well as grounded in our new relationship. We really did help each other continue to heal … and what happened is there is even MORE love between us than there was before.

We just got back from a super lovely, sexy, and relaxing weekend in San Diego. There was even more healing, lots of love, a ton of laughter, super fun socializing with friends, and the realization that what we have is still so special.

Things feel lighter. We are able to be so much more present with each other. Basically we are dating again. This also means we are open to date others and see where this ride wants to take us. Feels good to start over, with the added benefit of history, wisdom, and a deep knowing, respect and care of the other. Taking it a day at a time and enjoying each other fully as we travel this path together.

We filmed a video a week before we left on our mini-vacation/getaway to fill our community in on where we are 6 months after our decision to separate. See below to watch the video and see what helped us get to this point.

I will be sharing more in the weeks to come around what I have been learning during my own healing process and some realizations I am having regarding relationships. So stay tuned.

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