Episode 3 – Creativity and Literary Love Affairs with Ashwak Fardoush

Creativity can be elusive, and something that we don’t think we have … however I propose that we all do! The thing is we usually don’t have a relationship with it, or if we do, it’s a negative or unhealthy one. So what would it be like to create an amazing relationship with creativity?

In this super rich and inspiring conversation with Ashwak, we cover the following topics:

  • Creativity resuscitates and brings us back to life because it requires that all of our senses are alive
  • Creativity is self expression, a way we connect with others, loving and being loved, as well as a rebellious act
  • Have to have a relationship with your emotions in order to have a relationship with creativity
  • How to cultivate a love affair with your creativity and follow its flow

Ashwak Fardoush is a writer and a teacher. She was born in Bangladesh and emigrated to the United States with her family at a young age. Her writing explores issues related to gender and sexuality, trauma, body politics, immigration, and holistic writing practices. She facilitates workshops, coaches, and tutors writers to help them venture into unexplored terrains in their writing. Her work appeared in the Margins and Poets&Writers Readings & Workshops blog. She also has a blog about writing.

To find out more about Ashwak and her magic:

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