Episode 19 – The Ninja Move of Skillful Violation with Ken Blackman

In today’s episode, we talk about skillful violation. I know what you’re thinking … what is that? And it sounds beyond wrong! Especially given everything we are unveiling around sexual misconduct and trauma. However by the end of this podcast conversation I was sold. There is so much to consider in our conversations and this concept has us truly listen in a way we never have before. Skillful violation is edgy and it’s fascinating … and it is actually the thing that will help us heal and prevent sexual misunderstandings and pain. 

So in this conversation with Ken, we cover the following topics and more:

  • How it takes major empathy, intuition, and connection to practice skillful violation
  • What are the components or ingredients to even have the conversation?
  • Breaking out of current restrictions and old operating styles when it comes to sex
  • The artful delivery of a man pushing past a woman’s no to see what is actually there
  • The reality that there may be a lot of trauma behind the Nos for us

Ken is a sex and relationship expert. Starting in 1999, studying female orgasm as his full-time gig, Ken became fascinated with its effects on both women and their partners. This formed the basis of a new way to understand man/woman dynamics as a whole.

In 2007 Ken joined OneTaste as lead instructor and was one of the primary architects of a curriculum that shifted the world conversation around sex and human relating.

Today, couples seek him out to help them craft their relationship from the ground up to be fantastic. His approach is bold, unorthodox and highly effective. Ken’s book “Powerful Woman Confident Man” is due out this fall.

You can reach Ken by emailing him at ken@kenblackman.com – his website is http://kenblackman.com

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