Episode 11 – The Shadow Sides of Sexual Assault with Jennifer Underwood

This conversation with Jennifer is edgy. It was born out of the #metoo movement to bring light to the number of people who have experienced sexual assault, harassment, or violence.

We tackle the challenging topic of the unconscious motivations of why we do what we do when it comes to sex. It is edgy and it is radically honest. And it is a conversation in the truest sense … we have no answers but we want to talk about these things so that we can hopefully get freed up and create positive, healing change around this topic.

We cover the following topics and more:

  • The importance of bringing compassion and safety to conversations
  • The ways in which we all (men and women) are playing into the shadow side of sex
  • Ways we diminish things to protect ourselves, and stay repeating the same toxic patterns
  • How sexual assaults are perceived, especially in times of confusion
  • #boundariesaresexy

Jennifer Underwood is a writer, a coach, a public speaker, a seeker of information, and a stand for truth and love. What does it look like to know that you are enough and you effect change, just by your being, separate from your actions?  That is the question she helps people to answer, and then she helps them incorporate that answer into their bones.  Her mission is to assist people in finding balance. Balance between the “Me” and the “We”, in personal life, in work life, and in the world at large, helping to create better individuals and a better world.

She’s an entrepreneur, an activist, an avid traveler, a domestic goddess, and a walking contradiction. She lives in Seattle with her pre-tween daughter, Rory. Her writing has been featured on Elephant Journal, The Mission, Thrive Global, and P.S. I Love You.

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